Gasteiner Perchtenlauf in Bad Hofgastein
Topics: Zima
city center, Bad Hofgastein
Sun, 01.01.2023
07:30 o'clock

Gasteiner Perchtenlauf in Bad Hofgastein

Topics: Zima

Information about the Event:

The Gasteiner Perchtenlauf is documented since the 14th century and is thus one of the oldest customs events in Salzburger Land.

 There are about 160 people, including about 30 cap wearers. Per day the Perchten have to master a walking time of approx. 10 hours and a distance of in each case 12 to 14 km. The weight of the caps is up to 50 kilos and they reach a height of up to 2.5 meters - an enormous effort!

In 2011, the Gasteiner Perchten were honored by the Austrian UNESCO Commission as Austria's intangible cultural heritage.

START: Kötschachdorf, Remsach, Gadaunern, Lafen
Zittrauer Bauer, Angerweg, Pyrkerstrasse
Tischlerei Rudigier, Pyrkerstrasse, Ortszentrum
Salzburger Strasse, Griespark, Kurgartenstrasse

Every 4 years this tradition can be marveled at in the Gastein Valley!