Our yoga teachers introduce themselves

Alexandra Meraner

Yoga & Health, Hatha Yoga, Ayur Yoga Therapy

Alexandra Meraner founded the company Yogartista- now Meraner Care in 2007.

Alexandra has been practicing yoga for a long time. In 2007 she turned her love into a profession and completed the yoga teacher training. After that came the intensive two-year Ayur-Yoga therapy training. This was followed by many other additional trainings in the medical-anatomical field, which further deepened Alexandra's approach to movement, relaxation and health.

She teaches open classes always under the aspect of therapeutic yoga. In private classes she works individually with the people practicing.

Since 2022, forest therapy/forest bathing training has rounded out her repertoire. From this she developed Natural Yoga. Natural Yoga combines therapeutic and health yoga, breathing and mindfulness exercises and elements of forest bathing with nature, as well as its wonderful effects! Since January 2023, Laughter Yoga has also been added to her many continuing education courses.

Since March 2023, she is responsible for workplace health promotion and prevention at prevent AT work (working there as a health coach since 2017) as a project manager.

She is in high demand internationally and nationally with health yoga workshops and workshops on various health topics. She collaborates with psychotherapist Dr. Susanne Stöckl-Gibs, was a guest speaker at Dr. Peter Poeckh's yoga therapy training in Mödling and has been a guest speaker at Remo Rittiner's yoga therapy training since 2016. You can always see her on the ORF yoga magazine from Gastein. In 2016 Alexandra co-founded PhysioYoga Austria with a physiotherapist. Since 2019 she is guest lecturer of the 200h yoga teacher training at Glücksraum in Bad Tatzmannsdorf and since 2020 at Bliss Yoga in Salzburg.

Many additional trainings in the field of mindfulness, mentoring, rhetoric and much more round out her knowledge.

Alexandra Meraner specializes in health yoga for psychohygiene, burnout and exhaustion,
back problems of any kind, health yoga for rheumatism or ankylosing spondylitis, for digestion, health yoga for sleep problems, for young people, for seniors, eye yoga, mindfulness training and much more.

As an expert in yoga and mindfulness, she supports the company prevent at work in their efforts to make companies healthier.


Annemarie VENUSfrequency

Annemarie started practicing yoga in the Jivamukti tradition more than 20 years ago in New York's East Village. In 2003, a serious skydiving accident dramatically but also mindfully and gently redefined her connection to body, mind, spirit, PRANA (LifeEnergy), her yoga path and community. Under the motto "... training Body and Mind to dance with the Soul", her goal is to convey a unique feeling of power and presence that comes from you in her classes, ceremonies & coaching sessions. Her sessions are always a gentle call to self-empowerment, self-responsibility and a playful experience of life energy as it flows within us; and recognizing, experiencing and being stable and secure foundations based on our True Nature.

Annemarie's VENUSfrequency is also a yogic radio program and podcast on RadioOrange. Alias "tune in, rather than tuning out", every Friday at 7.00 a.m. there are yogic themes accompanied by carefully curated playlists, from pop to techno, downtempo to hip-hop and from spiritual chants to classical music. Annemarie not only arranges music for her podcast, but also DJane'd at yoga festivals and regularly invites people to neo-shamanic trace dance rituals.

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Annie Carpenter

Annie Carpenter, the creator of SmartFLOW Yoga, is an international yoga teacher based in Northern California. Known as a "teacher's teacher" she has created a well-respected system of yoga practice and teaching methodology. Annie's playful personality and focused intelligence brings depth, clarity and exuberance to her classes. A committed student of Yoga for over 40 years now, Annie continues to bring her passion and curiosity, love of anatomy, evolutionary movement, meditation and classical philosophy into her teachings.

A childhood of sports and dance lead her to New York, where she danced and taught for the Martha Graham Company, in the 80s, cementing her love of movement and yoga as true sanctuaries for the soul. By the 90s, she began teaching yoga full time. She is grateful to all of her teachers over the years, including Swami Satchidananda, Maty Ezraty, Chuck Miller, Lisa Walford, Pattabhi Jois, Trudy Goodman and many others.

Annie's SmartFLOW Yoga is a modern approach with an anatomically sound foundation and inspired, creative sequencing. Annie's method is rooted in deep respect and years of practice in the lineages of Integral, Iyengar and Astanga Yoga. Annie is committed to inquiry and mindfulness, which inevitably leads to spiritual development and light-heartedness.

Her SmartFLOW Yoga guide you to know your true Self. With the knowledge of the true Self comes compassion, peace and appreciation for all life.


Bettina Zenz

Vini-Yoga and yoga with focus on fascias

Bettina Zenz has been an avid yoga practitioner since 1999. She completed her 1st training at the Salzburg Yoga Center Alpen with Claudia Abel-Lang and Hilde Peer in 2014 (Viniyoga). Bettina teaches several classes in the city of Salzburg in a community of practice and in companies to promote the health of employees.

The breath plays an important role in her sessions. She pays special attention to connecting exercise sequences with the breath.

As an occupational therapist and trained Medical Yoga Spiraldynamik® (2021) teacher, her teaching is oriented towards anatomical, sensory, motor-functional training on the physical level.

Ongoing trainings on different topics (e.g. fascia yoga, Vedic Chanting, yoga and the pelvic floor, ...) enrich her classes and let her always create varied and creative yoga units on the highest quality level.


Caro Love

Yoga Teacher and Mobililty & Movement Coach, dipl. Hara-Shiatsu Practicioner, Head of Yoga & Spa at Hotel Miramonte.

Caro is enthusiastic about the infinite variety of moving and loves to discover her body again and again. On the yoga mat and in nature. Caro has never followed a "guru", but her inutition and curiosity and likes to go her own way.

In her Movement based Yoga sessions she combines elements of different movement arts to a dynamic sequence that will awaken your curiosity and joy of movement. The latest findings in anatomy and movement science are incorporated into her practice and teaching.

An important aspect of her classes is to reconnect you with your innate intuitive instinct for movement. The sessions are a mix of technique and your own intuition, where you are encouraged to trust your own body and be curious.

Look forward to unorthodox, innovative yoga that is more about how you feel, rather than how it looks!

Caro is also an instructor of the "Little Yoga Room" Teacher Training.


Christian Kleffner

Healing massage, craniosacral therapy, acupressure

Christian Kleffner's massages are dynamic and holistic - powerful to subtle. He combines various healing massages, such as Hawaiian Healing (Lomi Lomi Nui), Craniosacral Therapy and Acupressure. His massages affect the entire body, regulating the organs and the autonomic and central nervous systems. Let yourself fall, stretch, sway and move rhythmically. Ideal after yoga and for feeling good.

Damara Berger

Yoga, Pranayama, Contemplation & Meditation.

Working on wellness, health and deep connection through our bodies remains Damara's daily focus when teaching yoga.

She is grateful for the inspiration that has arisen and grown since Damara began teaching yoga (2004,). Her special interest lies in the role of yoga also as a healing exercise practice on all levels of our being. Yoga is accessible to every person.


Esh Loh

Esh Loh is a trained musician, composer & the founder of
Yoga Piano and Tāla Yoga.
His main concern is to increase vibrational capacity through music and to convey the all-connecting element of love. This is done through 2 methods:

Tala Yoga & Yoga Piano


Fia Sonora

Sanskrit-Teacher; Meditation, Pranayama, Moon and Incense Rituals, Yin Yoga ,Mixed Movement, Capoeira, Budokon Yoga.

Fia LOVES movement. She wants to create a place where people like to move and come together to get to know themselves better. A place to reconnect with yourself - body AND mind.

One of the most fulfilling tasks for Fia is to share and pass on her own joy of movement with other people. After all, growth comes from curiosity and learning something new as a result.

She has been practicing yoga for 15 years and also the art of capoeira. A rhythmic Brazilian fight-dance game with acrobatics and a lot of mobility.

Capoeira is an expression of freedom and in this sense each and every Capoeirista is given a name that expresses his or her personal character - Fia Sonora means "daughter of the desert".

Fia has been a full-time yoga teacher for several years and has completed several hundred hours of yoga teacher training. Among them Iyengar Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Inside Flow, Yin Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Synergy Yoga and Budokon Yoga.

Yoga and Capoeira are both ways of expressing inner and outer worlds through movement. One goes more inward, the other more outward.
Both are important because, as you know, the inside is reflected in the outside.

That's why, in her Mixed Movement Yoga sessions, she combines the experiences and insights from both systems into a holistic style of yoga that she is happy and passionate to share with anyone interested.

"My classes are a fusion of tradition and modernity, of philosophy and science, of the spaces within us and the spaces around us.
My Yoga & Movement sessions are liberating, releasing and sometimes challenging.

However, without overwhelming your own abilities, but rather expanding and extending your possibilities.

Flowing, playful, powerful, feminine and gentle at the same time. Always with the goal that YOU can grow beyond YOUR own limits and expand your awareness of yourself and others. My intention is to CONNECT the inner and outer world through yoga.

Above all, it is about finding YOUR own physical expression - experiencing EMBODIMENT through MOVEMENT. Grounding and finding your way back to SELF."

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Frauke Henkel

Anusara Yoga, Therapy Training, Pre- and Postnatal Yoga


Feeling the power and essence of the body, paying attention to and giving space to breathing, freeing the mind, trying out new things, letting go... That's all yoga for Frauke and much more. She teaches heart-opening Anusara yoga and enjoys experiencing with her students how energy begins to flow and fill the room.

It is very important to Frauke to meet each student where they are at the moment.



Herta Meirer

Stress reduction, mental fitness, kinesiology

Herta Meirer studied biology and taught for 25 years as an AHS teacher before she became a trained kinesiologist, focusing on stress reduction for adults and children with learning difficulties. With the combination of yoga exercises, kinesiology and "The Work® by Byron Katie" - she developed her own successful methods to bring lightness and joy back into life.


Hayley Nariyah

Holistic Yoga Therapy, Yoga Nidra, Qi-Gong, Chi Nei Tsang, Kinetic Chain Release

Nariyah is an internationally certified Yoga, Qi Gong and Pilates teacher, a gifted energy healer and qualified body worker. Mainly schooled in Asia, she brings the traditional ancient lineages to relatable modern day practices. Nariyah has spent the last few years being invited to guest teach in coporate settings, festivals and yoga studios alike, sharing master classes of Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine, Breath of Life and Hollistic Yoga Therapy and hosts a wide range of retreats, workshops and Teacher Trainings all over the world.


Irene Bazalka

Yoga and Pilates teacher, Amatsu Ryoho practitioner.

Irene has always loved to move and exercise.
Her search for holistic well-being led her through medical anthropology and ethnomedicine, to Pilates and yoga trainings, Japanese natural medicine, Amatsu Ryoho and into the depths of South African shamanism. In addition to her work as a body-mind-soul trainer, she supports scientific projects at the University of Vienna on the subject of cognition and the body, and in her private life she is an enthusiastic partner acrobat.

In short: a shamanic scientist with an urge to move.
Her yoga classes focus on the human being, his specific body, mind and soul. Most of the time she works in a therapeutic one-to-one setting to be able to respond individually to personal circumstances and needs. Irene combines asanas with contemplation, pranayama with bandhas, and meditation with catharsis, creating awareness and states of consciousness. Important to her are sensuality, depth and transcendence in order to learn to appreciate the human possibilities and not only to nourish the soul-spiritual, but also to make it tangible and visible. For her, yoga is an ongoing process of getting to know oneself and standing in the world. In her interactive group classes, she humorously teaches principles that can be lived and experienced not only in yoga practice but also in everyday life.


Irene Kapl

Irene managed a sports centre in Austria for more than 20 years. In 2010 she realised her dream and went into business for herself with her own company "all in yoga".
She teaches with much love nationally and internationally in Yoga and Nuad Thai Yoga trainings and holds workshops and retreats at home and abroad.
Her life motto - "A day without laughter is a lost day!" - is reflected in her and all she does.


Johma Haslinger

Johanna Magdalena Haslinger, known as Johma and her yogic name Sangeeta, is a "voice", integrative dance teacher, intuitive singer,
sound bringer, facilitator for sound relaxation, voice development and intuitive bodywork, Sat Nam Rasayan healer, Breathwalk instructor and much more...
Her way "home" led her via integrative dance education back to the voice and further to yoga.
Body awareness is particularly important to her in order to feel at home in her own body (myBody myHome) and to arrive there.
The soul likes to live in a good body feeling and creates contentment and a free spirit.
As a Kundalini, Meridian and Yin Yoga teacher, she teaches a particularly sensitive form of yoga and combines all her experience and the most important aspects of yogic teachings in her teaching.
the most important aspects of the yogic teachings. In tones, mantra chanting and yodelling, she offers a perfect connection even for those who are not experienced in singing.
Her motto is: "Everyone can sing and surely enjoy it, and when you relax the voice comes by itself!"


Kai Treude & Jasmin Iranpour

Kai & Jasmin's yoga style is characterized by years of yoga and meditation practice and the knowledge that every person with yoga and mindset training, the right nutrition and regeneration in nature, can live the best self, the best version of himself, if he believes in it and receives the right support.

You will encounter Hathayoga elements, fascia work and sound frequencies in their classes, and can take away both relaxation and decisive impulses for your everyday life and your own individual yoga practice. Let's Flow !

Flowingart, Meditation, Mindsettraining

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Lena Jungmann

Yoga for every body, Hatha Vinyasa, self-care


Lena aka Happy Lena Yoga from Tyrol lives and teaches in Berlin. Her style ranges from Yoga Nidra to Power Vinyasa - but always with an extra dose of mindfulness. Lena stands up against stereotypes in the yoga industry and sets an example of inclusivity and representation of diverse bodies, not least through her work as a Nike Well Collective Coach. Wellbeing and self-care are topics close to her heart on and off the mat. Follow Lena on Instagram or visit her website to make sure you don't miss any news about her services.


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Lisa Arndt

Functional Movement, Alignment, Mobility Yoga FLow

As an original northern light, Lisa can often be found by the sea. Even as a child she spent a lot of time in nature, was constantly on the move and had to explore and discover everything. This has not changed much until today. She loves to learn new things and is always looking for challenges. She loves to travel, to be inspired and to be active, because movement and sports are simply part of my life. That's why she loves to combine the two.

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Manuel Leitner

In 2015 Manuel started in the fascinating world of yoga, his body started to feel good and he noticed that his head became freer. The healing process had started.

Soon Manuel started doing exercises at home, the "feeling freer" became more and more and he decided to do a yoga teacher training in Greece. This helped him to better understand my whole being (physical and mental).

In his Asthanga Yoga training Manuel was able to make very deep impressions of what Yoga is and how it affects the whole human being, how it heals.

Asthanga Yoga has been his daily practice for over two years, giving him strength and balance for his everyday life every day.

If you too want to come to yourself, do something physically, feel more whole, come to Manuel's Ashtanga yoga sessions.


Marcel Clementi

Marcel is an international yoga teacher, YouTuber & speaker. He completed his training in Ashtanga Yoga and Multistyle with Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Yoga traditionally in India. Since then, Marcel has successfully taught yoga teacher trainings, workshops, events and yoga retreats throughout Europe.

In recent years, he has also been able to build a large community on Instagram & YouTube, has started his own podcast, the "Good Vibes Podcast", and is always happy to be booked as a speaker for events.

His goal is to inspire people to live a happy and healthy life. His yoga classes therefore focus on a healthy mindset and a good mood - good vibes only! In addition to this, he also places great emphasis on correct anatomical execution and body awareness - so that every participant can follow the instructions, regardless of their level of experience.

You can find out more about Marcel on his website.


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Margarete Weitzendorf

Triyoga, Yoga for Seniors, Yoga Trips

Margarete has fallen in love with the graceful, flowing movement sequences of Triyoga. In this yoga style, different yoga postures are harmoniously and calmly blended into one another.
These are guided so precisely and repeated enough times that you can soon close your eyes. This lets you feel your breath and forget everything around you.

Triyoga is affectionately called yoga dance as well as meditation in motion.


Margit Weingast

Margit Weingast is a yoga trainer and independent coach. She is a member of the professional association of yoga teachers in Austria (Yoga Austria BYO). She has been combining her diverse professional specialisations, training and experience for years in yoga workshops and yoga sessions.



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Marianne Bauer

Yoga & Reiki

For Marianne, yoga has been a valuable companion for many years, not only on the mat, but also in everyday life.

In recent years, she has come to combine the yoga tradition with modern movement methods from fascia and pelvic floor work. Her special topics are pelvic floor and yoga for MS (multiple sclerosis).

Her classes are less about outward form and more about feeling inward and the joy of movement with special emphasis on mindfulness and breath.

Energetically, her work is enriched by Reiki, a particularly subtle and balancing form of energy work that she practices regularly and enthusiastically.


Marie-Luise Seisenbacher

Triyoga® flows, Vinyasa flows, therapeutic yoga, spiral dynamics, pranayama, mindfulness - MBSR®, meditation, physiotherapy.

Marie-Luise Seisenbacher is a physiotherapist, MBSR trainer, body therapist (movement analysis, Cary Rick) and yoga teacher. In her work she combines all elements of her wealth of experience in a holistic sense. She is a trained Triyoga® teacher (Teacher Trainings with Kali Ray) and has completed Krishnamacharya Yoga training in Chennai, India.

Her therapeutic approach is to view symptoms of illness not only as physical but also as psycho-social challenges. She accompanies people in individual and group settings, both in prevention and rehabilitation, to better understand these interactions, as well as to seek and find new solution strategies. This is done by looking lovingly at suffering states of being and at the same time strengthens aspects of the personality that can help to reorient and reshape life and relationships.


Mark Dowe

Vinyasa Flow, Vinyasa Krama, Bhakti Yoga, Yin Yang Fusion & Mindfulness.

Mark has been passionate about the possibilities of the human body his entire life. He began teaching movement over 20 years ago and followed his great passion, working as a professional dancer for 15 years. But it was through his yoga practice that all these different experiences came together. The play between body, mind and spirit brought a deeper meaning to his teaching as well as to his own life, and always with a lot of humor and good humor.

Mark's philosophy is simple, "Take the practice seriously, but don't take yourself so seriously while you practice."

The love and fascination for yoga and for teaching himself shines through all of his classes and everyone is invited to this celebration on the yoga mat. Although he is trained in a wide variety of yoga styles, he knows that there is really only one yoga.... And that we can approach this path with joy.
He wants to create new access points for as many people as possible, to show them that this 3000-year-old philosophy and practice is still relevant to our modern lives.
And he wants to remind everyone that it's just one big dance with the universe anyway.


Marlene Johannsen

Marlene created the concept "Maloha Wellness". As a yoga teacher, certified kinesiologist, human energeticist, wellness practitioner
and communication trainer, she conceived "Maloha Flow Yoga" - a colourful variety from Marlene's many years of experience and her travels through Bali, India and Europe.

You will experience traditional and modern teaching styles in her classes. The main core comes from Kundalini, Hatha and Jnana Yoga.
Soft, dynamic movements that strengthen, cleanse and energise your body. The connection to nature is an important part.
As a trained kinesiologist, the EFT tapping technique and meridian balancing are also part of Marlene's teaching.
In Shavasana Marlene uses her singing bowls for deep relaxation.

Maloha Wellness is Marlene's holistic concept for your health and well-being. Experience Tibetan, Hawaiian and Indian wellness treatments.
Dive into the depths of sound and cleanse your body through herbal stamp massages, healing stones, aromatic oils and colour therapy experienced in her kinesiological balance.
Marlene's strengths lie in releasing your blockages, balancing your chakras and getting your chi flowing again.


Miruna Mihailescu

Hatha Yoga, Hot Yoga and Dance

Miruna has been teaching dance and yoga for over 10 years with great joy and fun. She also focuses on accuracy, attention and breath training.

Her goal for each student is to feel comfortable in her/his body after class and to expand her/his yoga practice with new exciting impulses.


Natali Hann

Hatha Yoga & Meditation, Aerial Yoga Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Restorative & Yin Yoga

At the age of 14 Natali was allowed to discover the positive effects of meditation & yoga for herself. Since then numerous trainings, vipassanas, trainings, workshops have inspired her yoga style.

During her yoga teacher training in India she was allowed to get to know the origin of traditional yoga and deepen her knowledge.

Natali's yoga classes are designed with a joy of discovery, playfulness and variety, accompanied by visualization, modern music and the joy of movement.


Nicole Herrmann

Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, Ayurveda Coach.

Nicole teaches a free-spirited yoga that is very breath-based and incorporates elements from Vinyasa/Hatha, Kundalini and Katonah Yoga. It is important to her that everyone can participate in her classes and she conveys the joy and beauty of yoga in an undogmatic way.

In the evenings Nicole teaches Yin Yoga with a body scan, meditation or Yoga Nidra.

Through the deep silence in the practice we can experience and sense more of ourselves again.


Peter van Woerkum

Wim Hof Method Trainer, Coach


Petra Janata

Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yoga & Health with Pranayama & Meditation.

Petra Janata is a certified clinical and health psychologist, she teaches Vinyasa-Flow-Yoga, Hatha-Yoga and health yoga. For her, yoga does not mean always having to reach new goals in acrobatic positions, but rather enjoying breathing and movement with mindfulness here and now, with joy and ease. In her classes, participants can always laugh heartily and take away easy-to-implement tips for regular yoga at home.

Adapted to different needs and life situations, Petra designs her classes with different focuses (for example, yoga for a healthy digestion, yoga for a restful sleep) from dynamically powerful to gentle, deeply relaxing and meditative.

Together with her husband, Dr. Andreas Janata (specialist in internal medicine, cardiology, intensive care), she founded the popular Amazing Yoga Studio in Vienna in 2012. In addition to the versatile yoga offerings, a holistic approach to health on all levels is also offered here in collaboration with experts from medicine, physiotherapy and osteopathy for small groups or in private lessons. Yoga & meditation are a natural and essential companion for a healthy and happy life.


Rosi Wagner

Hormone Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Tibetan Healing Yoga

Rosi has been teaching Hormonal Balancing for over 10 years and offers yoga teacher training courses in this method. Hormonal Balancing is an effective stress management method that balances and strengthens the nervous, hormonal and chakra systems.
Rosi Wagner has been teaching Ashtanga Yoga for almost 30 years and also offers yoga teacher training courses in this method.
Rosi is also a trained yoga therapist according to Günter Nielsen.



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Stretching Panda

Dynamic Vinyasa/Ashtanga, Yoga Flow. Hatha and Detox Yoga, Relaxing Fusion Yin Yoga, Meditation.

Elle has been practicing yoga for 16 years, and completed her first yoga teacher training in India in 2015.

Elle brings together a deep understanding of the interplay between mind and body in her teaching. Since 2023, Elle has been a trained Level 2 Kundlaini Bodywork Facilitator. The connection of the two leads to a sense of self-love, and inner peace. Her classes are dynamic and sometimes challenging, but always with an eye toward creating a way for yoga practitioners to connect to themselves. She teaches a mix of Vinyasa and Ashtanga, as well as slightly calmer styles of yoga such as Hatha and Yin Yoga.



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Tatiana Koller

Hatha, Vinyasa, Inside Flow, Mindfulness.

Tatiana is convinced that we are ALL already yogis. For that, it is not necessary to be flexible or stand on your head. It is much more about going back to the heart. And a heart we all have. For her, yoga is not a fitness program, but an infinitely beautiful journey to oneself. It's not about the perfect body position, but about the good feeling that comes from practicing yoga.

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Ulrike Schablin

Yoga is for Ulrike the most beautiful way to improve your quality of life and at the same time do something for your health.

She has been involved in bodywork for more than 20 years. Ulrike's understanding of it and her anatomical knowledge have been sharpened by numerous education and training courses, as well as several sports injuries. In 2002 she moved from the fitness industry into the yoga world with Power Yoga. Since 2007 Ulrike has been teaching Jivamukti Yoga®.

Jivamukti Yoga is a powerful, dynamic style of yoga and was developed in 1984 by Sharon Gannon and David Life. The holistic concept is understood as a path to enlightenment through compassion towards all beings.

Jivamukti Yoga is based on five pillars: ahimsa = non-violence and especially ethical veganism, bhakti = devotion: every practice is given an intention, chanting is understood as an expression of joy of life and humility, nada = intensive listening inwardly and outwardly: practice is done in the classes to specially selected music, shastra = study of classical texts such as Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, BhagavadGita or the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, dhyana = meditation and connection to a spiritual entity.

Regular trainings with Yoga Medicine® by Tiffany Cruikshank, Para Yoga Nidra® trainings by Rod Stryker and many more, continue to inspire her teaching today.

As a yoga instructor for Safs&Beta Kg Bildungsakademie, Ulrike has been helping numerous aspiring yoga teachers launch their careers since 2008.

Jivamukti Yoga®, Yoga & TCM


Verena Lainer

Hatha & Flow Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama

The fascination of movement in combination with our breathing and the resulting stillness led Verena to yoga and meditation at an early age. From this grew a love for the moving body - combined with deep and conscious breathing to arrive completely in the here & now and to become still - above all to be able to experience a moment of stillness in the mind. The resulting experiences and joy have led Verena to dive deeper into the fascinating world of yoga.

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