Events in Gastein

Enjoy pure life in Gastein. From the Snowboard World Cup to yoga days and cultural events to traditional folk festivals - there's life here!

There's life all year round in Gastein. Because Gastein is just as famous for its great sporting events as it is for its renowned cultural, art and music festivals, relaxing wellness and yoga retreats and traditional events such as Farmer's Autumn which offer a glimpse into the valley's ancient traditions. It doesn't matter at what time of the year you are spending your holiday in Gastein - here you will be offered so much all year round. Come and discover all the possibilities with a holiday in the Gastein valley!

Top Events in Gastein

Art on Snow
Art on Snow
Biggest art festival in the alps with snow and ice.
Experience the cold - 27. - 30.1.2022
Yoga Spring
Yoga Spring
Outdoor yoga next to the world-famous waterfall, in the Kurpark and on the summit of the Stubnerkogel - 21th to 31th May

Gastein Event Calendar: An overview of all events.

Frequently asked questions about attending events related to COVID-19:

This is how events like concerts and festivals take place

Concerts may take place subject to compliance with various safety measures. The following applies:

  • Basically, the 2-G rule applies
  • An FFP2 mask must be worn during the visit - also in the open-air area and at assigned seats.
  • It is also necessary to register when visiting.
  • The events may last until 10 pm. Please check with the respective organizer if and under which conditions a planned concert will actually take place.

Please note that there are different rules depending on the maximum limit for events. Irrespective of the legal regulations described above, event organisers are free to decide on more extensive measures. Please inform yourself about the specific regulations before the event.

What counts as an entry test and how long are they valid for?

In Austria, 2-G ("vaccinated, recovered") is currently valid. Corona tests of any kind (PCR, antigen, antibodies) are no longer valid as proof of entry. Exceptions exist for children under 12 years of age: They do not require proof. There are also exceptions for children and adolescents of school age who have not been fully vaccinated or have not recovered. They are equal to 2-G status with regular testing as part of the "Holiday Ninja Pass".

Is there a maximum number of visitors for concerts?

Yes. For events with assigned seating, there are different maximum limits depending on the G-rule: maximum of 500 people if 2G rule, 1,000 people if 2G plus rule (with PCR test) and 2,000 people if boosted and tested negative (3 vaccinations plus PCR test).

What is the procedure for admission?

To avoid crowds, the entrances to events are opened earlier (usually one hour before the event starts). For the exact times, please contact the respective event organizer. If space permits, several entrances are available for visiting an event.

Do I have to wear a mask when attending an event?

The FFP2 mask obligation applies to all public areas in closed rooms. This includes, for example, public transport, cable cars, trade or museums. This also applies to vaccinated and recovered persons.

Why do I have to leave my contact details at the entrance to the event?

Should a visitor be infected with Corona, all visitors can be contacted immediately by the organizer in case of suspicion.

How long will my contact details be stored?

The State Sanitary Directorate strongly recommends that the contact details of visitors are recorded and kept for 28 days after the event. After four weeks, the contact data must be destroyed for data protection reasons. This is a justified data processing according to Art.6 para. 1 lit f DSGVO, as this serves to protect the health of the contact persons.

What to do if symptoms of corona disease appear after attending an event?

If you experience symptoms of corona after attending an event, please inform the respective event organizer immediately and contact a Doctor doctor. The organizer will contact all visitors immediately in case of suspicion.