Autumn events in Gastein

The golden autumn is a welcome guest in the Gastein Valley. Because with it the fifth season makes its way into the valley: the farmer's autumn.

When the leaves gradually turn colorful and the sun sends golden rays over the peaks surrounding mountains, summer slowly leaves the big stage to autumn. And autumn, this is a particularly beautiful season for a vacation in the Gastein Valley. Enjoy the play of colors during hikes or dive into one of the thermal spas. Not only because now the forests shine in the most diverse colors, but also because of the many festivities and events. And because of the fifth season: the farmers' autumn.


But the Gastein Valley is also home to many a musical creation. At the Böckstein Sword Dance, the centuries-old tradition of the miners is revived. And before the cold season begins, the yoga autumn is a great way to recharge your batteries. Enough reasons to enjoy the autumn in the Gastein Valley. All that's missing now is the right accommodation or an interesting vacation package.

From Farmer's Autumn to Goasabtrieb

It's a loud and fun farewell to summer when people dance into the golden autumn at the numerous harvest festivals. The women's colorful dirndl dresses fit perfectly into the play of colors of nature all around and paint a picture of joie de vivre. With all the festivities and culinary delights, one must of course also take care of one's health. Yoga autumn is the perfect time to do so. Or you can watch the Goasabtrieb festival in Bad Hofgastein, where the animals are driven from their summer pastures high up on the mountain back down into the valley.


Autumn in Gastein is something very special. Immerse yourself in a colorful play of colors full of joie de vivre, dance into the golden autumn and celebrate life. Here with us in Gastein.