Experience the Gastein mountains at hiking pace

Pleasure hiking in Gastein

If the path is your real destination, then you have arrived in the Gastein mountains. Discover a unique, widely ramified network of hiking and panoramic trails as well as nature paths during a leisurely stroll or a relaxing hike. Thanks to the unique alpine panorama, you will always be offered breathtaking views of the natural jewels of the Gastein Valley, regardless of the difficulty level of your tour: tranquil mountain lakes, thundering waterfalls, gurgling streams, powerful forests, lush meadows and the legendary architecture of Bad Gastein. A natural idyll that will amaze, surprise and ignite your wanderlust again and again.


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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Top offers and packages

Thermenduett Gastein

from € 175,00 per Person
  • 2 nights
  • 1 x all-day ticket in each of the Gastein spas

Mountain & Spa Short Stay

from € 255,00 per Person
  • 3 nights
  • 2-days Almorama Card for the mountain railroads
  • 1 x 4 hours admission to one of the Gastein spas
Discover the diversity of the Gastein region

Culture, culinary & wellness for pleasure lovers

On your enjoyment hikes you will always have the opportunity to stop at the numerous huts and alpine pastures in the area and fortify yourself for the journey. In the valley, too, the inns and restaurants invite you to dine on traditional Salzburg cuisine as well as epicurean delicacies from the region.


If you are looking for rest and relaxation after a day on the mountain, immerse yourself in the healing thermal waters of the famous Alpen- or Felsentherme.

You will also be spoiled culturally in Gastein: a wide range of extraordinary events, fine concerts, exhibitions or themed tours will make your gourmet vacation perfect.

What you need for pleasure hiking

7 practical tips for a successful trip

good walking shoes



Functional clothing


good company

First aid kit

Wellbeing and pleasure in the open air

So close to the forest

Are you looking for a special, healing experience? During the sensual "Shinrin Yoku", which stands for forest bathing in Japanese, you absorb the healing powers of the trees and support the mental and physical deceleration process. Relaxed like this, you can enjoy the Gastein forests in style: At the Forest:Brunch, you will discover regional delicacies at the finely set table in pleasurable slowness - surrounded by moss, forest and sunlight. Looking for even more relaxation? Discover the world of asanas, meditation and pranayama at the internationally renowned Gastein Yoga Days.