Wellness for the senses and soul

Your mindfulness vacation in Gastein

Healing thermal water that flows around you warmly and gently. Powerful natural treasures that nourish your senses and ground you. Countless hiking trails offering breathtaking panoramas, and an abundance of sustainable lifestyle and designer hotels with world-class spa offerings. Saunas, pools, and yoga and meditation options that become your relaxation oasis. A mindfulness vacation in Gastein means stripping away the stress of everyday life and arriving at your personal retreat. Here wellness becomes a holistic experience and sensual adventure - for more strength, energy and gentle balance.

Wellness and Spa Hotels

in Gastein

Mountain air
Be Mindful!

Immerse yourself in the nature of Gastein

A retreat for mindful epicures

You leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the busy schedule behind you for a pleasurable time out and a wide range of wellness offers that provide you with deep relaxation and pure regeneration. Experience Gastein's natural treasures with every step you take while walking, get in touch with nature while forest bathing, practice soothing yoga sessions or dive into the alpine or rock thermal baths.

"The way to all that is great
goes through silence."

Friedrich Nietzsche

Simple breathing meditation in nature

Mindfulness exercise

  • Find a quiet place in nature that attracts you subconsciously
  • Make yourself comfortable on a mat, a bench or - if space or weather permits -
  • directly on the forest floor, the meadow or on the rocks
  • Direct your gaze to the mountains or woods and fixate on one point.
  • Feel completely inside yourself and block out everything else.
  • Concentrate on your breathing and consciously take a deep breath - feel how the air fills you from the inside.
  • Now breathe out slowly and evenly - feel how your belly slowly lowers.
  • Repeat the exercise for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Inwardly thank nature for its power and beauty and end the exercise with a deep exhalation.

Taste, feel & experience Gastein

Sensual pleasures

To sharpen your senses, you have come to the right place in Gastein . Every forest clearing, every mountain peak and every path invites you to look, to marvel, to stay and to absorb the impressions consciously and with mindfulness. The Gastein Valley knows how to express its strength in many different ways: You can feel this energy in the play of contrasts between unique nature and impressive architecture. You can taste it in the delicious food of the region, served in the hotels, huts or restaurants in the area, and experience it in the culture that celebrates Gastein's uniqueness.