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Gastein is an exceptionally lively place - numerous events throughout the year guarantee countless beautiful, exciting and touching moments.

Whether an international sporting event such as the Snowboard World Cup, a big open-air live concert with Rainhard Fendrich, the beautiful event marking the summer solstice "Mountains in Flames" or the traditional celebrations associated with Harvest Festival: Gastein Valley is famous for hosting top events all year round. The event calendar provides you with an excellent overview, making it easier to find those events that will interest you the most during your stay in Gastein. Maybe that will be CONCERT:SUMMER in Bad Hofgastein? Or Yoga Spring with sessions right next to the world-famous waterfall? Or how about the trail-running event ULTRAKS in Bad Gastein? The choice is all yours.


So, take a look at the event calendar. There's sure to be something in there you can't wait to see.

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Farmer's Breakfast

Bergdestillerie Hauseben - Bad Gastein
18.09.2019 | 08:00
On request you can enjoy a balanced breakfast at 1.080 m above sea with view over the Gastein valley, every Wednesday. Registration (until Tuesday 2.00 pm)

guided hiking-tour: Arltörl - Pilzlehrpfad

Meeting point: tourist office - Dorfgastein
18.09.2019 | 08:30
The start of this hike is the Fulseck mountain station. Time on trail: appx. 3 hours, loss: 580 m                   

Mindful riding instruction

Tobhartbauer - Dorfgastein
18.09.2019 | 10:00
Experienced and empathic! Discover and develop a sensitivity for horses in a different kind of way. The horse becomes a friend, protector, playmate and companion!

Castle tour Burg Klammstein

Castle Klammstein - Dorfgastein
18.09.2019 | 11:00
Enjoy a history tour through that ancient building which is located at the valleys entrance of Gastein.

Flying Waters

Flying Waters / Bad Gastein - Bad Gastein
18.09.2019 | 11:00
Fly over the world-famous Gastein waterfall and experience Bad Gastein's spectacular nature and architecture from a bird's eye perspective.

Visit the show distillery Durzbauer

Schneebergweg 1 (=Angerweg 39) - Bad Hofgastein
18.09.2019 | 11:00
We will guide you through our noble distillery and explain the process - "from fruit to distillate".

Grotta Showcave

Entrische Kirche / Klammstein - Dorfgastein
18.09.2019 | 12:00
The cave can be visited as part of a booked tour.

Sportgastein Power Plant

Power Plant Sportgastein - Bad Gastein
18.09.2019 | 14:00
Karl Imhof was used for the electrification of gold mining in Sportgastein with the water of the "Bockhartsee."   
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