Accessibility statement


Gasteinertal Tourismus GmbH, based in Bad Hofgastein, is committed to making its website accessible in accordance with Section 4c of the Salzburg Participation Act implementing Directive (EU) 2016/2102 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 October 2016 on barrier-free access to the websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies (OJ L 327, 2.12.2016, p. 1).

This accessibility statement applies to the website


Status of compatibility with the requirements

This website is only partially compatible with conformance level AA of the "Web Accessibility Guidelines - WCAG 2.1" according to the applicable harmonized European standard "European Standard EN 301 549 V2.1.2 (2018-08)" due to the following incompatibilities.


Non-accessible content

a) Incompatibility with Web Accessibility Act (WZG) implementing Directive (EU) 2016/2102.

The alternative texts on our website still require end-to-end review, which is why the WCAG 1.1. alternative texts success criterion is only partially met. We are striving to implement appropriate alternative texts for new content immediately and for older content in the next development cycles, at the latest by the end of 2021.

Several elements throughout the site do not have sufficient contrast, which is why the requirement (WCAG 1.4.3. Contrast Minimum) cannot be fully met. Since these are mainly elements with blue / white contrast, but this corresponds to our CD colors, a fix will only be done as a result of a revision of our corporate identity.

"Bold" tag is used to format text. Also, html elements

<main> and

are not used to split the page into specific regions. Thus, WCAG success criterion 1.3.1. (info and relationships) is not met.

References with Aria labels are given even though the target for the reference is not present.
Thus, WCAG success criteria 1.3.1 (info and relationships) and 4.1.2 (name, role, value) are not met.

Form fields sometimes have no or more than 1 label specified. Therefore, the purpose of the label cannot be clearly assigned in some cases. Thus, success criteria 2.4.6 (headings and labels) and 3.3.2 (labels and instructions) are not met.

Furthermore, to achieve WCAG success criterion 2.1 Keyboard Accessibility, it must be possible to open the main menu so that the sub-items in our navigation can be operated appropriately with the keyboard. This does not yet work properly. The visual focus of the active item is not highlighted.

Some links on the web page do not contain text, or empty links are present, so WCAG success criterion 2.4.4 (link purpose in context) is not fully met.

These deficiencies will be fixed by our technical department in the next development cycles, at the latest by the end of 2021.

For the WCAG success criterion 3.1 Readability, we have randomly checked our website for foreign language parts. If you find any other expressions that need to be marked, please let us know.

The presentation of our web pages is based on current technical possibilities and standards. We have randomly checked the order in which elements in the main content are technically displayed. If you notice any problems with the implementation of individual elements, please pass on your suggestions to us.

We have also randomly checked our website for visual animations as well as audio and video files. If you find audiovisual content for which you still need text alternatives or subtitles, or if you find animations that still need mechanisms for pausing, please feel free to let us know.


b) The content does not fall within the scope of the applicable legislation

Live broadcast time-based media such as webcams

Online map and chart services

PDF documents and Office documents, primarily older ones, are not accessible. For example, PDF documents are not tagged, so they cannot be grasped or used by screen reader users. This means that WCAG success criterion 4.1.2 (name, role, value) is not met.

c) Disproportionate load.

Some of our videos do not have audio description. Thus, WCAG success criterion 1.2.5 (audio description recorded) is not met. We believe that remediation would impose a disproportionate burden under the accessibility regulations.


Creation of this accessibility statement

This statement was created on 05/05/2021.

The assessment of the website's compliance with the WZG for the implementation of the requirements of Directive (EU) 2016/2102 took the form of a self-test according to WCAG 2.1 in compliance level AA. The home page, a standard content page (Bad Gastein), an accommodation detail page and a form (group requests) were checked. Individual page contents are regularly checked by the web editorial team when new contents are published.

This statement was last updated on 05.05.2021.


Feedback and contact details

The offers and services on this website are continuously improved, exchanged and extended. In doing so, usability and accessibility are of great concern to us.


If you notice barriers that prevent you from using our website that are not described in this statement, please contact us via the email address



Gasteinertal Tourism Ltd.
Gasteiner federal road 367
5630 Bad Hofgastein

Tel: +43 (0) 6432 / 3393-0
Fax: +43 (0) 6432 / 3393 120

Enforcement procedure

If you do not receive a satisfactory response from the above-mentioned contact option, you can turn to the Ombudsman's Office for Accessible Internet and Mobile Applications of the State of Salzburg by means of a complaint. The complaint will be reviewed to determine whether it is a violation of the requirements of the Salzburg Web Accessibility Ordinance by bodies of the state, municipalities, associations of municipalities and self-governing bodies established by state law. If the complaint is justified, the ombudsman's office shall issue recommendations for action to the state or the legal entities concerned and propose measures to remedy the deficiencies at hand. Further information on the complaint procedure can be found on the website of the Ombudsman's Office for Accessible Internet and Mobile Applications