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Sport and hiking trip in Gastein

The deeper you dive into the landscape of the Gastein Valley, the more you get in touch with its untouched, wild soul. Here, challenges are waiting for you everywhere. Limits want to be reached and expanded. The peaks call, countless hiking trails beckon, the terrain is as versatile as your goals. In Gastein you feel yourself with every fiber, but also gain the mental strength to grow beyond yourself. Far away from everyday life, noise and distraction, you will be rewarded with fantastic views, an incomparable natural backdrop and the liberating feeling of having made it!


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Long distance hiking in Gastein

Step by step, day by day: long-distance hiking is more than a sport, it's an attitude that takes you from one goal to the next. In Gastein it takes you high up into the rugged mountains, deep into nature and thus constantly to new challenges. In the Gastein Valley you will find:

  • Unique hiking routes and challenging trails, which together are 600 kilometers long.
  • A total of over 60 alpine huts where you can stop for a bite to eat.
  • The famous Gastein Trail, which takes you on 6 stages over 75 kilometers to 4,643 meters in altitude.
  • An abundance of guided hikes on which you can explore the nature of Gastein from different perspectives.

Follow your urge to go further and further - in Gastein there are no limits to your adventures!

"With every step you take, you get closer to your goal.
Keeping going makes you happy."

Reinhold Messner

Adventure Gastein

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