Hiking in Gastein

Do you like to spend your holiday in the mountains? If so, hike Gastein with the help of our hiking map!

From the comfort of your own home, you can browse our various hiking trails online or in our hikinig brochure and find a tour that's perfect for you. Choose from our collection of more than 100 different tours.


In Gasteins mountains you will find

  • great huts for a snack or multi-day hikes
  • Varied hiking trails from easy to challenging
  • Alpine meadows for a short rest
  • wonderful waterfalls to relax in
  • or panoramic views.

The countless hiking trails or mountain tours in Gastein are perfectly marked and the ascent to the mountain peaks or the alpine huts is a real pleasure. Book your hiking holiday now and marvel at the blossoming gentian.

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Tour planning in the Gasteinertal

Use the map view to limit your starting point to Bad Gastein, Bad Hofgastein or Dorfgastein for your hiking routes. Or do you not care about the starting point and want a long-distance hiking trail or rather a half-day tour with a low gradient and few metres in altitude?


Pick out the most important criteria for you and spend a few great hiking days on your summer holiday in Gastein. You can print out the tour description directly for planning your holiday. Or would you prefer to use your GPS device for precise data retrieval? Have fun planning your hiking tours!

Questions and answers

Where can I find suitable maps for hiking?

For smaller walks and hikes, a free orientation map is sufficient, which you can get from your accommodation provider or in the tourist offices. However, if you are planning something bigger - a mountain tour or a more demanding excursion - a hiking map to scale is indispensable - you can get one for a small fee at any tourist office. There you will find all the marked hiking trails and can explore the region on the mountains.

What is the Gasteiner Wandernadel?

The Gastein Hiking Pin serves as proof of diligent hikers and as motivation to continue hiking. For each hike there is a certain number of points depending on the difficulty - as proof the respective hut or summit stamp is necessary. From small children to grandma and grandpa - collecting points for the Gasteiner Wandernadel is really fun for everyone. And don't worry, you don't have to reach the points for the respective needles all at once - the validity of the points is unlimited, which means they can't expire/become time-barred or anything else - just come back and keep on stamping. Wonderful, leisurely and challenging hiking routes await you during your hiking vacation .

The Gasteiner Wandernadel is now also available in digital form with the SummitLynx app.

Which hike really makes me break a sweat?

Motto: The more meters in altitude, the better! Gastein has something to offer for everyone: from walkers to alpine mountain tours - from the valley floor up to over 3,000 m. It is important to start larger hiking tours early enough in the morning - rushing up a mountain in the midday heat is not particularly recommended. In addition, you should of course have enough water with you to give the body back the lost fluid. Insider tip: Here in Gastein, you can drink from streams and wells at higher altitudes without hesitation - the source is usually not far away (be careful if there are grazing cattle in the area!). In addition, you should regularly - so about every 1.5 hours briefly rest and drink.

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