Paragliding & Tandem Flight in the Gastein Valley

High above it goes during your vacation in Gastein

Glide weightlessly through the Austrian sky, enjoy the panorama from above and hear nothing but the rushing air. As a couple or alone here, high-altitude flights up to 1400 meters, thermal flights and cross-country flights are possible and you will experience the Gastein Valley from a bird's eye view. In addition, you can enjoy the Hohe Tauern as an impressive backdrop while paragliding in summer as well as in winter.

When you see the colorful paragliders in the sky, gliding gently to the ground, you are gripped by the desire to go paragliding. As an experienced paraglider, but also as a beginner, you will get your money's worth in Gastein.

Perfect thermal conditions and good accessibility are given. Ideal starting points are the Fulseck or Stubnerkogel. Of course, kites and paragliders can be taken along in the gondola of the mountain railroad and sufficient parking space is also provided.


Would you rather be your own pilot or would you like to be a passenger in a tandem? Here in the Gastein Valley, you have the choice of how you would like to experience the unique panorama above the Salzburg mountains.


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Tandem flying & tandem jump in Gastein

The Gastein Valley also has a lot to offer for adventurers and nature lovers who like to hover and see the landscape from above. Guests get the opportunity to see the mountain world from a bird's eye view with certified and perfectly trained tandem pilots. A flight experience with a panoramic flight of a special kind.


You have never been by paraglider in airy heights? Then a tandem jump with a professional instructor is the thing to do during your summer or winter vacation . Just fly along and enjoy the breathtaking feeling and the difference in altitude to the valley.


Whether as a unique adventure on vacation or as a gift for friends, family or your loved ones. The tandem flight in the Austrian mountains is an unforgettable experience and Gastein offers ideal conditions for it.

Paragleit, Tandemflug über Gastein
Paragleiter über Gastein

Paragliding in Salzburg Land

Paragliding with a fantastic panorama, good connections and mountain railroads that take you to the top. An absolute dream for all paragliding enthusiasts. From beginners to professionals - here in Gastein you have ideal conditions for your paragliding flight in Austria. Great launch sites and ascents with the mountain railroad make your paragliding flight in the Salzburg flying area an unforgettable experience.


But also for your company is provided in the Gasteinertal valley. For those who can't bring themselves to do this because of their fear of heights, there are numerous other year-round activities in Gastein, Austria. Relax after a breathtaking flight in the Gastein thermal baths or on a winter hike through the magical snowy landscape.


A quick glance at the current weather and you're ready to go.

Whether you're a professional pilot, a tandem flight or learning to paraglide - enjoy the view of green meadows or the glistening white blankets of snow. The boundless panorama at lofty heights of the Gastein Valley is available all year round.

Frequently asked questions about paragliding & tandem flight in Gastein

What is a tandem flight?

During a tandem flight you fly together with a trained tandem pilot in a team and paraglider over the mountain world. You take off together gently from a mountain and then glide comfortably back down into the valley.

In a tandem jump, on the other hand, you jump out of an airplane together with a trained paragliding pilot. First in free fall and then the paraglider is stretched and the nature is enjoyed.

How long does a tandem flight last?

The flight time for tandem flying depends on wind, weather and thermal conditions. The flight lasts at least 15 minutes but can also last up to 40 minutes. Please calculate a total time of about one hour.

How high does a paraglider fly in Gastein?

In the Gastein Valley you can experience high altitude flights up to 1400 meters. No matter if alone or in pairs. In the Austrian Alps you will reach high altitudes.

What do you need for paragliding?

To paraglide actively and alone, you need a paragliding license. This usually consists of a theoretical basic course and course with flight license on practice slopes. The flight equipment can also be rented.

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The dream of flying is finally coming true! During the paragliding tandem flight you can admire the Gastein Valley from above.

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