Refreshing summers in Gastein

Immerse yourself in a mountain lake & enjoy a holiday by the water


Water was and is the dominant element in Gasteinertal. Water is rightly regarded as the source of life itself and provides refreshment, relaxation and wellbeing. Everywhere, it forges its own path, from the fairytale high moors and multifaceted alpine tarns, over thundrous waterfalls and down to the more sedate Gasteiner Ache below.


Experience the pleasure of taking a refreshing dip once again: thanks to the numerous lakes in Gastein.


These alpine tarns will definitely be a highlight of your holiday.

  • Refreshment on the summit of the Schuhflicker outside Dorfgastein at the Paarseen lakes
  • Watery enjoyment, not 1, 2, but 3 times on a single hiking path leading to Reedsee, Palfnersee & Windschursee
  • But also the crystal-clear Bockhartsee in Sportgastein is ideal during summertime escapes in Salzburger Land.
Paarseen lakes
Paarseen lakes

This region in the south of Salzburger Land offers numerous opportunities to escape the hot summer in the city and find refreshment in nature instead. Whether the relaxing sound of a waterfall, the soothing murmurings of a small stream or the action & invigoration of a lake - an escape to the country in Austria promises boundless bathing enjoyment and mountain tarns filled with water pure enough to drink.

Take full advantage of your summer holiday for a magical time overflowing with water. Explore the region during hikes at different elevations and enjoy the great refreshment opportunities alongside the mountain paths. As the mood takes you, cool off in one of the refreshing alpine tarns. Still haven't found perfect accommodations for your vacation? Or are you maybe looking for a summer package offer?

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Wet expanses and wild waterfalls

Waterfalls, alpine tarns and swimming lakes adorn your unforgettable summer holiday in Gasteinertal with unique views of our mountain world. An extraordinary holiday destination. By the water, we become fascinated by the incomprehensible energy that evolves when seemingly insignificant droplets of water are brought together.

The primal power of water in Gasteinertal may be impressively observed, for example, in picturesque Sportgastein. This high valley at 1584 meters is also known as "Nassfeld" (literally "wet field") for good reason. The meadows here are damp and produce particularly lush vegetation. Everywhere, small rivulets merge to form streams which, at some point, then plunge impressively into the valley below.

If you cannot get your "fill" of waterfalls, you should definitely explore the Nassfeld Road. The waters that plunge over the cliffs next to the road are especially spectacular, including the Schleierfall and Kesselfall falls. There simply wouldn't be enough space here to list every single waterfall in the region. Though one of them must be mentioned: the famous Gastein Waterfall, which forges down several stages through the imposing town center of Bad Gastein. As you can see, your summer escape in Austria is going to be extraordinarily refreshing in every way.

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Gastein Thermal Water

Aside from the region's vast gold reserves, it was above all thermal water that brought renown, fame and prosperity to the valley. This precious natural element shaped Gastein, both geographically as well as culturally.


It is as much as 46° Celsius warm, enriched with valuable minerals such as magnesium, calcium and silicium. Gastein thermal water emerges at the foot of the Graukogel, with five million liters of water flowing from 18 springs every single day. Along with the Vapor Baths and Gastein Healing Gallery, it is one of the three forms of therapy used in Gasteinertal. This same treasure of the Hohe Tauern mountains also flows into the warm pools of Gastein's two spa resorts. Perfect for a timeout after a hike or on a rainy day.

Find all tours to alpine tarns & waterfalls in our hiking map:

FAQs about alpine tarns, waterfalls or lakes

Where do I find the most beautiful alpine tarns?

There are numerous beautiful alpine tarns in Gasteinertal. Ranking them would be practically impossible. Each is unique and treats you to a magical panorama. Due to the different hikes needed to get there and the range of difficulty, each tarn is completely unique. That said, we can definitely recommend the following tarns to you: Reedsee, Paarseen, Palfnersee, Schuhflickersee (along with many more).

Which is the highest alpine tarn?

Here in the Gastein valley, our highest alpine tarn is Knappenbäudlsee at 2236 meters above sea level. Other tarns in the region can be reached from different starting points in Gasteinertal. For example, you could hike over to Grossarltal or out to the Paarseen lakes. Various tour descriptions provide complete information about the hiking paths, walking times and degree of difficulty.