Hiking on a family vacation in Gastein

You spend with your children the family vacation or short vacation in Gastein? We adjust the demands to your needs and all family members. With children, the experience is usually in the foreground. In addition, the hikes should not be too long and not too strenuous. Perhaps you also have a very small family member who comes along in a stroller? Here in Gastein there are numerous hiking routes for a child-friendly hike.


There are also plenty of hiking trails in the vacation region that are suitable for strollers, and the most suitable ones here are boardwalks and forest roads that are not too steep. You will find these throughout the Gastein Valley, for example in Sportgastein, in the Kötschachtal, at the circular hiking trail at the Gasteiner Achenpromenade or the Gasteiner Höhenweg.

GASTI - fun, adventure and variety while hiking with your children

Gasti, the little droplet with a head, is the mascot of the valley. It identifies the offers for families and stands for child-friendly vacation fun. Its drop-shaped body reminds of the region's abundance of water and its hairstyle of the pointed peaks of the Gastein mountains. GASTI is the perfect companion for your hiking vacation with the family in Gastein!

Hiking with Gasti's puzzle and stamp booklet

Along the Gastein theme trails, unforgettable adventures await children. Always with them is GASTI, who points out all kinds of exciting things along the way and thus brings children closer to nature and the history of the Gastein Valley.

Get Gasti's puzzle and stamp booklet and create your individual journey of discovery. Once the trails have been successfully hiked (Legend Trail, Bear Trail, Mushroom Trail, Jagas Trail, Nature Discovery Trail), a surprise awaits the little adventurers right on site at the tourist office.

Gasti's hiking adventure

Legendary path

The Legend Trail in Dorfgastein lives up to its name. Whether it's the legend of the cheeky shoe mender or the devil in the millrace, which are told on the legend boards - this hike is a journey into a magical world. The starting point is the district Unterberg, on the way back it is worth visiting the museum of Klammstein Castle.



Bear path

Animal friends and fun games are waiting to be discovered on the Bear Trail. On the way to the Amoseralm there is a lot to see, for example a bear cave, a lucky place and Kneipp basins with water games.



Nature discovery trail

How do ants actually live, what is dead wood and what effects does climate change have on our nature? On the Gasti nature discovery trail, questions about insects, forests and nature are explained in a way that is suitable for children. It all starts at the Gasti start board: along the way, your children will learn all kinds of interesting facts about wood, cardinal points, insects and climate change. The topics are presented clearly and understandably on boards. And there's no shortage of fun and adventure either - Gasti makes sure of that! The kids are encouraged to answer questions and solve riddles about the individual points. Benches and tables invite them to linger and enjoy.


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Mushroom trail

Passionate mushroom hunters will find the most important information about local mushrooms on the mushroom trail in Dorfgastein. With the help of display boards, it is explained what everything is allowed in the cooking pot and which mushrooms you should be careful with. This trail is located between the middle and top stations of the Fulseck, a bit above the Heumoosalm. The explanations will help you to safely prepare your next mushroom dish and you can also reminisce later about the vacation region and the natural features of Gastein.



Hunter's Trail

The Gastein mountains are the habitat of many animals. On the Jägersteig you get to know some of them. If you are attentive, you may discover one or the other animal.



Continue family and themed hikes

Bird trail

Starting at the ski meadow in Bad Hofgastein, a forest path winds its way up to the start of the bird trail at Hotel Das.Goldberg. From here you already have a beautiful view of the town center and beyond. Which birds are native to our region? How do you recognize a blue tit? What does a bullfinch look like? Answers to these questions and much more information can be found along the way. Past farms and flowering meadows
and flowering meadows, the tour continues into a wooded area and from there back to the town center.

Sepp poetry way

Guided hike - Bad Hofgastein

The lovingly laid out path leads us from the Brandebengut through a spruce forest to the Biberalm. The ascent is made easier by poetry written by local author Sepp Gruber. Mostly the poems are placed where it is worthwhile to linger briefly - so eyes open for the special. Along the tree line you get from the Biberalm to the Wiedneralm and further along the Hytongaweg to the Fundnerheimalm. After crossing the Leidalm stream, you can either walk or take the mountain railroad down to the valley.

Barefoot path at the mirror lake

Directly from the mountain station of the Gipfelbahn Fulseck in Dorfgastein, you can reach the so-called barefoot path via the leisurely family hiking trail, which invites you to walk slowly and more consciously around the Spiegelsee lake and to linger. The different surfaces massage the reflex zones of the feet and thus revitalize the senses. In between, rest oases and seating elements with magnificent views provide sufficient relaxation. The exciting playground ensures that the little ones will never be bored.

Bee clay path

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of bees and learn more about their life and value. On the village trail in Dorfgastein there are interesting facts to learn about the industrious workers. How the bee colony lives and works and how flower pollen turns into great tasting honey.

Along the Angerbach

The Anger Valley in Bad Hofgastein is not only an insider tip for little treasure hunters. When panning for gold in the Angerbach, with a bit of luck you might even find a shiny treasure or two. You can also take a leisurely stroll along the hiking trail along the Angerbach with a stroller to the head of the valley. The starting point of the hike is at the Angertal Ski Center.

To the Asten alpine pastures

The Astenalm in Böckstein near Bad Gastein scores with a beautiful, spacious playground and a well-kept petting zoo for children. At the upper Astenalm, the hut keepers offer in-house products and local delicacies. The hike starts at the Hotel Restaurant Evianquelle in Alt Böckstein.

Discover the adventure mountains of Gastein

The Fulseck in Dorfgastein, the Schlossalm in Bad Hofgastein, the Stubnerkogel and the Graukogel in Bad Gastein also offer our younger guests a unique and varied range of activities. The four adventure mountains are accessible by cable cars in summer.


Fulseck - adventure and summit happiness

Along the idyllic mirror lake hides a very special experience: Here you can feel different undergrounds with your feet on the barefoot path and enjoy nature in the most sensitive way. In addition to the barefoot adventure, the little ones can also let off steam by climbing, jumping and exploring at the adventurous forest playground .


The Schlossalm - A mountain with experience guarantee!

At the Schlossalm, sporty mountain enthusiasts will find seven different via ferrata routes at all levels of difficulty. Before going on rock and stone, you can strengthen your balance and strength in the slackline park, as well as in the motor skills park .
Adventure seekers can let off steam at the adventure playground with its 15-meter slide, bouncy cushion, net swing and much more. And those who want to go on a voyage of discovery can hike along the rock path and look for mysterious rock creatures.


The Stubnerkogel - look and trust

Suspension bridge, rock path and the viewing platforms "Glocknerblick" and "Talblick" - on the summit circular hiking trail around the mountain station one experience follows the other. The incomparable view of the mountain world of the Hohe Tauern makes you feel like a little king! Even Austria's highest mountain, the Großglockner, can be seen in the summit chain.


The Graukogel - pine magic is good for the heart

The Swiss stone pine forest on the Graukogel can best be discovered on the circular path in the immediate vicinity of the mountain station. This leads through a particularly beautiful, up to three hundred year old Swiss stone pine forest. In addition to the romantic spots with fantastic views, there is also Erwin the stone pine spirit, various stone pine swings and a stone pine canopy bed for the little ones to discover.

Motivation to continue hiking

The Gasteiner Wandernadel serves all hiking-enthusiastic parents as motivation for their children - An award for diligent explorers as an incentive! For each hike there is a certain number of points depending on the difficulty. Collecting points for the Gastein Hiking Pin is really fun for everyone.

You don't have to reach the points for each pin all at once, the validity of the points is unlimited, which means just come back and keep stamping!


The Gastein Hiking Pin is now also available in digital form with the SummitLynx App.

The Gastein family offer for the vacation season