Stubnerkogel - the most beautiful panoramic mountain in the Gastein Valley

Paradisiacal panorama on the Stubnerkogel. What are you waiting for?

The Stubnerkogel is located in the southernmost village of the Gastein Valley. Just a hop, skip and a jump from the Bad Gastein train station is the bottom station of the Stubnerkogel cable car. A quick gondola ride takes you to the top station at an altitude of just under 2,200 meters. Once at the top, not only a breathtaking view awaits, but also many other attractions.


  • Unique panorama of the Salzburg mountains
  • Spectacular suspension bridge for young and old alike
  • Viewing platforms for even more nature
  • Suitable hiking trails for baby carriages


Up you go with the mountain railroad, down perhaps with the paraglider? Those who are afraid of heights can explore the Stubnerkogel with one of the many hiking tours.

Stubnerkogel Suspension Bridge

Right next to the mountain station of the gondola is a 140 meters-long suspension bridge, which visitors can walk across year-round. You should probably have a head for heights, since its cable construction tends to sway gently in the wind. The grated floor and the side fencing treat you to quite spectacular views of the ground, 28 meters below your feet! So, do you dare to?

Wanderer auf der Hängebrücke - Stubnerkogel Bad Gastein

The Exciting Felsenweg

Want to walk a bit farther? Test yourself even more? If so, the Felsenweg, a walking loop, begins just below the “Glocknerblick” viewing platform. The pathway is actually a steel construction firmly anchored into the side of the rock face. The views from here are incredible. A small footbridge leading to a scenic plateau is yet another highlight of the path.

Fun Center Stubnerkogel

A paradise of play for the youngsters. If you need a break after all of those exhilarating views, be sure to stop by the mountain restaurant on the Stubnerkogel. Also awaiting you here is the Fun Center with a ball pit and climbing equipment, table soccer and air hockey. Great fun is guaranteed for all ages. And, it goes without saying, this 250 m2 area of fun & games is absolutely free of charge.  

Glocknerblick Viewing Platform

Awaiting you on the other side of the mountain station is the “Glocknerblick” viewing platform, just a short walk from the gondola terminal itself. As the name suggests, you will be treated to the sight of Austria's highest mountain, the Grossglockner (elev. 3,798 m), if the weather cooperates. Turn in a circle to marvel at the sea of peaks surrounding you. Thanks to the panorama boards, you will quickly be able to identify the main ones. There is also a window in the floor of the platform, which is sure to catch your attention as well. The incredibly panoramic view is unbeatable on beautiful days and a must-see part of any visit to Gastein. So, have you already pinpointed Austria's tallest peak? Take a closer look!

Aussichtsplattform - Stubnerkogel Bad Gastein

Turn once in a circle to marvel at this sea of peaks. Thanks to the information boards, you will also be able to quickly identify them. There are also viewing windows in the bottom of the platform that allow a certain "deep view". This incredible panoramic view is unbeatable on nice days and a must when you visit Gastein and the Stubnerkogel! And, have you already discovered the highest mountain in Austria? Have a look! You can see the current weather panorama on the webcam Stubnerkogel. So you are well prepared.

Signposted hiking trails

The return to the valley can be made either floating in the gondola or on foot. The wide paths are suitable for families (suitable for strollers) and not too steep. On the various routes, idyllic alpine huts await you with delicious refreshments.

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