Adventure mountain Fulseck in Dorfgastein

Outdoor fun for big & small on the local mountain of Dorfgastein.

Let's go to the mountains. Already the ascent at 2,033 meters above sea level leaves you speechless. The Fulseck offers a unique panorama with numerous hiking routes. At the Fulseck all leisure activities are under the motto "adventure - thermals and summit happiness". Besides the mountain lake, the Fulseck also convinces with a forest playground for children. Instead of the footpath down to the valley, a flight with the tandem paraglider is an option.

Here you will certainly find the right activity for you:

  • For the brave, there is a cool dip in the mirror lake
  • Nature lovers can feel the Fulseck on the barefoot trail
  • Themed hiking trails like the biotope trail or the mushroom trail are waiting for your visit
  • The forest playground is perfect for the little ones
  • The Gastein Valley presents itself in the south and the Hochkönig and the Steinerne Meer in the north
  • Numerous GASTI paths allow even more family hiking fun & are also accessible with the stroller

Mirror Lake & Forest Playground

At 1,860 meters above sea level, it will be time to pull off your boots and take a walk along the "Barefoot Path". The different surfaces will massage your feet, and the cold water in the mountain lake will feel marvelously refreshing. You will be overcome by a sense of complete wellbeing, and, after your invigorating foot massage, a number of oases of relaxation alongside the lake invite you to pause and enjoy. Kids hungry for added adventure won't be able to resist the adjacent forest playground, where they can climb, jump and dig around. The Mirror Lake wellness oasis is located just a little below the mountain station, easy to reach even pushing a pram thanks to the broad pathways.


Hiking paths aren't just incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating, they can often be insightful and educational. That's definitely the case on the Fulseck, for example, where you will discover self-guided theme paths, as well as hikes leading to places of extraordinary natural power and beauty.
On the Mushroom Path, children and adults alike will learn all about the fascinating mushrooms that grow naturally in Gastein Valley. Info boards along the way explain which can be collected and safely used for cooking.

If you take a walk from the Fulseck mountain station along the Biotope Trail towards the Arltörl and then downhill to the mid-station, you might already be able to sense them: “places of power”, where the Earth's energies are tangibly more intense, flank the path, inviting you to pause, reflect and re-energize.

Mushroom Trail, Jaga Trail, Flower Trail & Power Places

Theme trails

Hiking trails not only bring a high recreational factor, but often also new and educational. This is also the case at the nature experience mountain Fulseck in Dorfgastein, where you will find power places, the mushroom trail, the Jaga trail or the flower trail.


Along the mushroom trail, children and adults learn about the mushrooms found in the Gastein Valley. Information boards along the trail show which mushrooms can be collected and used for cooking.


Along the Jagasteig, visitors get to know the inhabitants of the forest and learn interesting facts about the animals.


Along the Blumensteig (flower trail ) you will learn about many different native flower species, and the homemade benches invite you to take a rest while enjoying a fantastic view.


If you walk from the Fulseck mountain station along the biotope path in the direction of Arltörl and then downhill to the middle station of the Fulseck, you may already be able to feel them. "Power places" where increased natural energy radiation is detected line the path and invite you to pause and recharge your batteries.

Bike swing Dorfgastein-Großarltal

Experience pure fun and action on the single trail Großarltal.

With the Gipfelbahn-Fulseck up the mountain, out of the cabin and into pure biking pleasure. From the Fulseck, take the signposted mountain bike route to the start of the single trail at the mountain station of the panorama lift and off you go into pure flow trail fun.



If, in addition to relaxation, you are looking for adventure during your vacation, that's definitely what you will find on the Fulseck.

On good days for flying, the sky above Dorfgastein is a colorful sight. A large number of paraglider pilots take full advantage of the outstanding thermals. If you are also a "free as a bird" type, you are welcome to transport your equipment to the top of the Fulseck on the summit lift as well. If you are not yet an experienced pilot, but would still like get to know Gastein Valley from high in the air, you might wish to book a tandem flight during your stay in Gastein. You will be astonished how light and free you feel.

Paragleit, Tandemflug über Gastein

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