Magnificent hikes in Gastein, Salzburger Land

Put on your hiking boots and get out into nature! Discover the mountains of Gastein on a hiking tour.

In spring, summer and autumn, do you have the feeling that you would like to get outside and back to nature up on a mountain? Understandable, as there aren’t many places where you can really leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind and enjoy your hiking holiday in Austria to the full. On the new Gastein Trail, you can experience the valley in a new dimension while learning about all its unique facts.


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Hiking along water
Hiking along water
Mountain lakes, waterfalls and thermal waters - discover tours now!
Hiking with GASTI
Hiking with GASTI
GASTI accompanies you through your family holiday
Gastein Trail
Gastein Trail
Gentle meadows, imposing peaks and cultivated Alpine pastures
Hiking theme paths
Hiking theme paths
Discover Gasteins themed hiking trails.
Full moon hike
Full moon hike
Along the valley floor in Sportgastein
Time on trail: 2 hours
Adventure mountains
Adventure mountains
For families and adventurers, for intrepid explorers and outdoor fans.
Via ferratas
Via ferratas
You want to go high up and feel the rough rock under your fingers?
Salzburger Almenweg
Salzburger Almenweg
Hike leisurely from hut to hut and enjoy delicacies at the rustic mountain huts.
Guided Hikes
Guided Hikes

The most beautiful mountain huts in Salzburger Land

Gasteiner Wandernadel - Hiking is rewarded in Gastein!

In Gasteinertal you can earn hiking pins in 9 performance levels. Whether acquired with the good old hiking pass or in digital form with the SummitLynx app, the hiking pin is a nice souvenir of the shared mountain tours. Every mountain hut, every mountain, every tour in the hiking region Gastein has a certain number of points. What do you have to do for it? Simply hike and collect stamps and thus points at the huts and mountains.

Hiking holidays in Austria

Spend unforgettable days with your family in the Austrian mountains. Gastein offers numerous hiking trails for a diversified holiday with the whole family.

Explore the hiking trails in advance on our interactive hiking map. You can stay in one of the numerous accommodations in the Gastein Valley. Guesthouses, holiday flats & apartments, chalets or great hotels await you. Your hiking trip can start now!

Questions and answers

How are the paths marked?

The hiking trails in Gastein are signposted with yellow hiking signs and red-white-red markings. Do not leave marked paths and turn back if you have lost the signs.

What should I take with me on a hike?

Sufficient water and a small snack are essential - especially in spring and autumn when not all mountain huts are open. Also, make sure that you have sufficient weather and sun protection with you - the weather can change quickly in the Austrian mountains. A true-to-scale hiking map for any eventuality or just for discovering is an advantage. It is also advisable to have poles for going downhill, as the descent can often be more strenuous than the ascent.

Which shoes should I wear?

Hiking or mountain boots with a good tread sole are essential. Shoes around the ankles are of advantage avoiding twisting. Please note that if your shoes are inadequate on guided hikes, the hiking guide may decide not to take you along.

How do I behave towards cows grazing in the pasture?

Special caution is required for cows with calves! To protect her offspring, the cow reacts very sensitively to any stroking or approaching. Keeping distance is especially important. Walk slowly and calmly past the animal. To achieve the necessary visual respect, you can carry a stick with you. Dogs must always be kept on a leash. Cattle and horses perceive dogs as a special danger. Do not feed animals!

Safety Tips:

  1. Let others know your intended hiking route before you leave 
  2. Don't push yourself too far or too hard. Adapt your planned route to your physical stamina and drink water regularly
  3. Pay close attention to weather conditions and severe weather warnings     
  4. Be prepared for bad weather and freezing conditions. Always take a jacket providing protection from the wind   
  5. Bring along equipment that will allow you to help yourself and others   
  6. Select safe routes and don't be reckless   
  7. Prepare for your hike with the help of a map and compass. Always know your exact location  
  8. There's never any shame in turning back
  9. Pace yourself. Take a break at a mountain hut if needed   
  10. Save the emergency numbers in your phone