Magnificent hikes in Gastein, Salzburger Land

Put on your hiking boots and get out into nature! Discover the mountains of Gastein on a hiking tour.

Once the sun’s rays have melted the last remnants of snow and flowers start to bloom, do you have the feeling that you would like to get outside and back to nature up on a mountain? Understandable, as there aren’t many places where you can really leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind and enjoy your summer holiday to the full. On the new Gastein Trail, you can experience the valley in a new dimension while learning about all its unique facts.


As part of the Nationalpark Hohe Tauern, you will find 600 kilometres of hiking trails set in a particularly unspoilt and flawless natural paradise. Witness the marmots frolicking between the Alpine roses and the old pine trees. Take a break at one of the stunning mountain lakes and listen to the hum of the bees. Observe the birds of prey as they circle in the sky and then swoop down from the to hunt their prey. The region which has been awarded with the Austrian Hiking Seal of Quality has not neglected the need for quality concerning infrastructure and trail networks. For those who want to head up high in sporty mode will find the perfect challenge on the via ferratas. For a printed version of all the hiking trails, we have a separate booklet.

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The Austrian Hiking Seal of Quality

Well sign-posted hiking trails, an intact infrastructure, services which are geared towards the requirements of the hiker and continuing development of services on offer are among other things, the cornerstones of the Austrian Hiking Seal of Quality. As one of 11 regions in Austria, Gastein has been awarded this seal of quality.

With all senses - Night hike
With all senses - Night hike
Gastein Trail
Gastein Trail
Gentle meadows, imposing peaks and cultivated Alpine pastures
Full moon hike
Full moon hike
Along the valley floor in Sportgastein
Time on trail: 2 hours
Guided Hikes
Guided Hikes

Safety Tips:

  1. Let others know your intended hiking route before you leave 
  2. Don't push yourself too far or too hard. Adapt your planned route to your physical stamina and drink water regularly
  3. Pay close attention to weather conditions and severe weather warnings     
  4. Be prepared for bad weather and freezing conditions. Always take a jacket providing protection from the wind   
  5. Bring along equipment that will allow you to help yourself and others   
  6. Select safe routes and don't be reckless   
  7. Prepare for your hike with the help of a map and compass. Always know your exact location  
  8. There's never any shame in turning back
  9. Pace yourself. Take a break at a mountain hut if needed   
  10. Save the emergency numbers in your phone

6 via ferratas offer variety for experienced hikers and fitness fans.