Hiking in Gastein

Pull on your hiking boots and head out into nature!  Explore the Gastein mountains on a hiking tour.

As soon as the sun has melted away the snow and the flowers have begun to bloom, are you one of those people who is drawn irresistibly up into the mountains? Understandable, since there aren't many better places on this Earth to forget your appointment calendar completely! Part of Hohe Tauern National Park, Gastein is home to 600 kilometers of hiking paths where you will find pristine, intact nature. Here, marmots play between rhododendrons and some of the oldest pine trees in Austria. Take a break at one of the mirror-like alpine tarns, listen to the gentle buzzing of the bees, and watch birds of prey circling overhead, suddenly plunging spectacularly to the ground to grab their prey.


Hiking Tours for Pros and Beginners

Gastein has the perfect hike in store for each and every nature lover. Are you an experienced trekker and in the mood for a multi-day adventure or perhaps even a fixed-cable rock climb? No problem! But you will also discover plenty of easy hikes, both in the valley and on the mountain. The hiking paths are all clearly marked, including the level of difficulty. After spending time out on the mountains, you are guaranteed to return to the valley refreshed, reenergized and utterly happy.

During a guided hike through Gastein's mountain world, you will learn a lot about the flora and fauna of the Hohe Tauern. Mountain guides know the best places in all of Gastein, plus they are always happy to share a few fun and exciting stories with you as well.

Safety Tips:

  1. Let others know your intended hiking route before you leave 
  2. Don't push yourself too far or too hard. Adapt your planned route to your physical stamina and drink water regularly
  3. Pay close attention to weather conditions and severe weather warnings     
  4. Be prepared for bad weather and freezing conditions. Always take a jacket providing protection from the wind   
  5. Bring along equipment that will allow you to help yourself and others   
  6. Select safe routes and don't be reckless   
  7. Prepare for your hike with the help of a map and compass. Always know your exact location  
  8. There's never any shame in turning back
  9. Pace yourself. Take a break at a mountain hut if needed   
  10. Save the emergency numbers in your phone
Kletterer üben sich am Klettersteig auf der Schlossalm

6 via ferratas offer plenty of variety and are perfect for experienced hikers as well as fitness fans.