Gasteiner Museum

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Bad Gastein

The Gasteiner Museum tells the history of the spa Bad Gastein.

The main focus of the museum is: the thermal water, the history of the spa, the tradition and the art gallery.

The Gasteiner Museum opened on June 28, 1936 with the "Gasteiner Jubilee Exhibition". One celebrated the 500-year return of the stay of Emperor Friedrich III. The then federal president, governor and mayor attended the event. This personnel shows the appreciation that the official Austria presented to this first Gastein anthology of then director Heinrich von Zimburg. Soon, the museum was enriched by many Gastein families with gifts and loans, including a collecion of paintings of a painter of archduke Johann, a spa department, typical Gastein minerals and a booth with memorabilia from the gold mining industry.
In 1939 after the outbreak of World War II the museum was closed and the loans returned.
In 1946 reconstruction began. A mineral collection of Böckstein collectors became museum inventory.
In the so-called Grillparzer corner of the old Kursaal, the museum couldn`t be developed. In winter 1974/75 the new age started at Haus Austria which provided the premises. After the sale of Haus Austria in October 2008 a relocation of the museum became necessary. By the decision to keep the museum in the center of Bad Gastein, it was opened on November 15, 2011 at the Grand Hotel de l'Europe.

Permanent exhibition
A journey through  history, The wonderful springs - The Gasteiner thermal water, The treasure in the Radhausberg - From  Tauerngold to Heilstollen, Gastein traditions - Krampusse and Perchten, pictures of traditions, pictures of Nikolaus and Krampus, Karl Heinrich Waggerl and a painting gallery complete the tour of the Gasteiner Museum.

Historical tour
Visit the historical tour every Wednesday. Visit the thermal spring, the glacier mill, the waterfall, the St. Preims parish church and the church of St. Nicholas. Meeting point is every Wednesday at 3.30 pm at the Gasteiner Museum.


Gasteiner Museum
Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Straße 14
5640 Bad Gastein, AT