Stay healthy, recharge cells ...

... making provisions - this topic is becoming increasingly important.Many are already making sure that they will be well off later.

There is probably no doctor who does not advise people to maintain a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise, a balanced diet and little stress. And yet it is not always so easy in everyday life to take all the health-promoting measures. Sometimes one or the other aches and pains arise, which can develop into complaints over the years. And this is exactly where the Gastein cure can put a stop to it. Because what is scientifically proven to be beneficial also has a preventive effect. The Gastein cure can also be the initial spark for a healthier lifestyle. During the cure, the inner weakness is overcome and it is then easier to stay healthy and fit at home.

The Gastein remedies

Radon therapy
Radon therapy
How does the healing power of radon work in the healing gallery, in the thermal water or in the worldwide unique thermal steam bath?
Gastein healing gallery
Gastein healing gallery
The perfect interplay of radon, heat and humidity makes the Gastein healing gallery an effective cure.
Thermal water
Thermal water
Switch off, immerse yourself and let the healing power of the Gastein thermal water take effect on you.

Personalized therapies

Already now, many use the Gastein remedies preventively. Radon therapy stabilizes the immune system. During use, messenger substances are released that stimulate cell renewal and the body's own repair system, as well as having an anti-inflammatory effect. In the fall, recharge your batteries in the Gastein Heilstollen, in the winter, stabilize your immune system in the Dunstbad, in the spring, beat springtime fatigue in radon tub baths, and in the summer, not only vacation, but regenerate in the warm waters of the thermal springs. The Gastein spa offers a certain added value in every season. Even the 19th century nobility - including Empress Elisabeth "Sissi" and her husband Franz - described Gastein's thermal waters as a source of eternal youth. You don't have to wait until complaints arise, you can already invest in a healthy future.

Health insurers have recognized: Prevention is better than cure. They are also focusing more and more on prevention - find out now whether your health insurance supports a Gastein treatment as a preventive measure.

Top offers and packages

Healthy Shortbreak

from € 520,00 per Person
  • 4 nights
  • Admission in the Gastein healing gallery + Medicinal bath
  • Massages + Spa entrance