The Gastein thermal water

Switch off, immerse yourself and let the healing power of the Gastein thermal water take effect on you.

The Gastein thermal water emerges with temperatures of up to 46 degrees, a natural mineral content and enriched with the noble gas radon. Thehot spring water is characterized by a centuries-long cycle, enriched with valuable minerals and with an optimal radon content. The thermal water is also used in the thermal baths of Gastein .

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Activate self-healing

Do you know the self-healing powers of your body? The thermal water of Gastein has the gift to activate them. Naturally enriched with radon, the energy of the water balances your body's immune system. For centuries, people with chronic musculoskeletal disorders have been making pilgrimages to Gastein to benefit from the effects of the thermal water. A thermal bath with effect.

Frau beim Tauchen im Thermalbecken

The long journey of the thermal water

The Gastein thermal water has a long journey behind it before you get to know it bubbling in the spa or steaming in the steam bath. After the water dissolves valuable radon salts in the rock over centuries, it makes its way to the earth's surface in Bad Gastein. In the heart of the world spa, at the foot of the Graukogel, it emerges in natural springs. How much thermal water do you think gushes out of the 18 springs every day? It is almost five million liters of water, which is available to the thermal spas!

Radon relieves pain

Did you know that radon regenerates cells and strengthens the body's defenses? The long-lasting pain relief is based on the therapeutic use of radon. The noble gas enters the body through the skin and the respiratory tract to exert its positive effects. You can feel the positive effect just a few hours after a treatment.

Dame im Thermalwasserbecken unter einem kleinen Wasserfall

Positive effect of radon

The effectiveness of radon as a natural painkiller has already been proven in numerous scientific studies. The best proof, however, are the guests themselves. Over the years, they come back to Gastein to benefit from the positive effects. Every year, around 25,000 patients are drawn to the beautiful Gastein Valley for radon therapy. The Gastein thermal water is used in various forms. The best known is the radon tub bath. In Bad Gastein and Bad Hofgastein, many hotels are supplied directly with the healing thermal water via pipes. Underwater therapies are another form of application for the Gastein thermal water. They are offered in numerous inpatient and outpatient competence centers and are considered an intensive therapeutic measure.

Combine vacation and cure

Do you want to perfectly combine the useful with the pleasant? Spa and vacation can be taken at the same time in the hotels or spa hotels in the Gastein Valley. A spa vacation in Gastein offers therapy and relaxation, a vacation afterwards additional relaxation. Switching off and refueling could not be better. Use the nature and healing power of the water for this purpose.

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