Gastein works - scientifically confirmed

Not only spa guests tell about the effect of the Gastein remedies...

... science has also already confirmed the effect. At the Gastein Research Institute , scientific studies are conducted to research the remedies . Why, in what form and how effectively does the Gastein cure work for which complaints - these are the questions that the team of the research institute under the direction of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Markus Ritter is investigating.

Paracelsus Medical Private University Salzburg

The Gastein Research Institute is part of the Paracelsus Medical Private University in Salzburg. The university is supported by the state and city of Salzburg, among others. Every year, 50 medical students are trained to become Dr. med. univ. at the Salzburg site - a course of study recognized throughout Europe.

Doctors per year

Clinical studies on the Gastein cure

Independent clinical studies on the Gastein healing treatments are carried out at the Gastein Research Institute. The aim is more understanding, quality assurance and further development of the Gastein health offers. The focus is on balneology, physical therapy, spa and rehabilitation research, and pain (therapy) research .

What is balneology?

Balneology is better known as bath medicine. It involves research into therapeutic applications of natural healing springs, healing gases and peloids such as peat. Balneological procedures are among the oldest cures, used as early as the 16th century.

Research fields of the institute

The research institute is naturally interested in the healing agent radon in all its forms of application, such as the healing gallery, the thermal water or the steam bath. Rheumatic diseases, Bekhterev's disease and joint arthrosis are currently the focus of attention. Here, basic research is being carried out above all to investigate the effect of radon on cell culture systems, the immune system and cytokines . Cytokines are protein structures in the body that control important functions in cells, such as growth or cell repair. It has already been found, for example, that the TGF-beta cytokine is released more frequently as a result of radon therapy. This stimulates the cell's own repair system, the immune system gets going and further anti-inflammatory messenger substances are sent out.

The research institute is part of the Institute of Physiology and Pathophysiology, which deals with the origin and development of pathologically altered bodily functions. This ensures that the therapeutic measures in Gastein are researched holistically.

Independence is preserved

Research Fund

The Gastein Research Institute has its own research fund. This fund awards third-party funds to independent research institutions for projects dealing with the topic of radon. The evaluation and approval of the projects is carried out in cooperation with international experts who are independent of the Gastein Research Institute.


In addition, there are numerous cooperations with healthcare companies and international universities such as the Salzburg Provincial Clinics, the Paris Lodron University in Salzburg, the University Hospital in Graz, the Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen and the International University of Restorative Medicine in Moscow.

Mag. Dr. scient. Med. Martin Gaisberger, scientific-operational director of the Research Institute Gastein, briefly explains what the Research Institute Gastein is engaged in

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