Fibromyalgia: Does it affect you?

Do you suffer from chronic pain in the muscles and soft tissue throughout your body? Do you always feel tired and weak? Do you have major sleep problems? People with fibromyalgia syndrome deal with those precise problems. Practically no one can tell them what's wrong. In fact, as often as not, they are not even believed when they describe their symptoms.


Gastein is an absolute source of strength for fibromyalgia sufferers. Here, we understand the disorder and how much pain it can cause, and we will help you improve the quality of your life. Radon therapy, especially in the Gastein Healing Gallery, is a natural treatment that has brought sustained relief for countless patients coping with fibromyalgia syndrome.

Pain-free thanks to the Gastein Healing Gallery

Even today, the precise cause of fibromyalgia isn't known. Though the natural path to a pain-free life is! For many who are affected, this path leads through Gastein. Therapy in the Gastein Healing Gallery brings many fibromyalgia patients the pain relief they have been longing for. This unique form of radon treatment relaxes, and relieves pain in natural ways. Likewise, exercise in Gastein thermal water and complementary therapies intensify the positive effects of treatment. Do something good for your body and come to Gastein Valley for a stay focused on your improved health.


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