Schauhöhle Entrische Kirche

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Schauhöhle Entrische Kirche

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The cave "Entrische Kirche", (literally translated "sinister cave") is partly dry, dripstone and water cave. A great cave in the original state. It is the largest natural cave of the Salzburg Central Alps and one of the oldest natural monuments in the province of Salzburg.

Opening hours: 1rd May to 29th September 2024

Address: Klammstein 30, 5632 Dorfgastein. Location: in the Luxkogel at 1,040m above sea level above the Klammstein district.

Type: Large cave, partly water-bearing rock and stalactite cave in the Klamm limestone.

They served as a secret meeting place for the Lutherans who were present in Gastein at that time (16th and 18th centuries). In 1983 Richard Erlmoser built the "Protestant Memorial" in the cave, which was ecumenically consecrated in the same year. A statue of the Madonna has been on display at the end of the show cave section since 2004.

This show cave is not only the largest natural cave in the Salzburg Central Alps and one of the longest in the peripheral zone of the Hohe Tauern, but also carries a double distinction: the cave was nominated for the European protected area system "Natura 2000" of the European Union. A popular excursion destination for the whole family.

In case of wintry conditions along the path, at the cave entrance or other natural events, the cave remains closed. In spring and after prolonged rain, a waterfall comes down above the cave entrance. The entrance to the cave forecourt passes to the left of it. An umbrella or rain jacket is then an advantage. Current news, recent changes and important information for visiting the cave can be found on the information board in the valley as well as on the ascent.

Admission to the cave is only possible in the company of the cave guides to our two offers and only with cash payment of the tariffs:


Duration of the tour: approx. 50 minutes.
Minimum number of participants: 3 adults
Supplement to the minimum number of participants possible

Tour times 2024: May, June, July, August, September 
                              Wednesday, Friday & Sunday at 11 am, noon, 2 pm

During the guided tour, the visitor experiences a fascinating underground world that was created by nature over millions of years. The size of the halls, the wonderful dripstone formations and the peculiar rock shapes, formed by the force of the water after the ice ages, amaze young and old. How this magical fairytale world came into being is explained by a state-certified cave guide. The show cave section can be visited without equipment on a well-developed guide path, 400 m long. Children are advised to visit the cave only from the age of + 3 years. Visitors are advised to be at the top of the cave entrance about 15 minutes before the selected guided tour.


Prices 2023: for cave admission and guided tour per person

Adults normal price: € 18,00

Reduced*: € 17,00

Children from 3 to end of 13 years: € 9,00

* If the minimum fee (3 x normal price) for admission and guided tour has already been reached, holders of the GasteinCard receive reduced admission prices during the visit times from the beginning of the season until the end of August. The conditions of the respective agreements apply.

There is no reduction in September. All subject to change without notice.



The cave is a special "place of power" due to the high positive earth rays. According to their own testimony, many visitors have been freed from illnesses and ailments. During the guided tour, man passes through fields of power, stronger than in Lourdes (F), known for healings.

TIP ! Lingering in the force field - an extraordinary birthday present or for a special commemoration day. A session or meditation is only possible by prior appointment approx. 2 hours before the first tour of the day. Request info sheet "Place of Power" by e-mail. Please register by e-mail with your name, a mobile phone number, desired day, number of persons. Rate depends on the number of participants, own torch necessary.


Richard Erlmoser

Cave leaseholder and manager

state certified cave guide

Phone: +43 (0) 664 9861347

Postal address: 5620 Schwarzach, P.O. Box 11

Applications for a stay in the force field:

Elisabeth Frank

Operations Manager

certified cave guide

Tel.: +43 (0) 664 9800570


The meeting point for guided tours and meditation is directly at the top of the cave entrance on opening days.

Cave temperature approx. + 6° Celsius. Warm clothing and sturdy shoes are recommended.

The ascent begins in the valley near the parking spaces on the B 167 in Klammstein at the large sign HÖHLE. Follow the trail, a private path, on foot only, and allow for a walking time of about 50 minutes. The path is natural, partly and ends as an alpine climb after repairs following the rock fall in October 2016. There is a difference in altitude of 240 metres and the trail is 1.3 km long.

Not suitable for small children and physically impaired persons are the ascent and the cave tour.
Use of the private trail is conditional on participation in one of the two offers.

With the payment of the entrance fee, cave visitors are allowed to ascend free of charge to the offers at the cave entrance.

"Non" cave visitors please voluntarily pay a trail maintenance fee of € 2.00 at the cave entrance.

Outside the operating hours, the private path to the cave is blocked.

On the entire way from the valley to the cave entrance, please observe the DOG PROHIBITION and important information for visiting the cave on the information boards!

Special features: The cave is very interesting from a cultural-historical as well as multicultural point of view.

Opening Hours

Erste Führung um 11 Uhr, letzte Führung um 14 Uhr beginnen beim Höhleneingang oben.


Schauhöhle "Entrische Kirche"
Klammstein 30
5632 Dorfgastein, AT