Schauhöhle Entrische Kirche

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The cave "Entrische Kirche", (literally translated "sinister cave") is partly dry, dripstone and water cave. A great cave in the original state. It is the largest natural cave of the Salzburg Central Alps and one of the oldest natural monuments in the province of Salzburg. It is characterized by high positive earth rays as a special "place of force".

A natural monument of a special kind. The strange rock forms and the wonderful stalactite and sinter formations make the visit an experience.

The cave name "Entrische Kirche" (eerie cave) was first mentioned in a document in 1428. In the 16th and 18th centuries, the cave served as a secret meeting place for the Lutherans who were then represented in Gastein.

On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther, a Protestant memorial was erected in the cave in the Bat Cathedral. It is unique in its kind. The cave is a real "place of power". Many visitors feel the positive earth rays.

Visits are only possible with a guided tour from 1 May to the end of September.

  • Duration 50 minutes;
  • guided tours from 3 adults upwards;
  • session/meditation by appointment;
  • Ascent from the "Cave" signboard should take at least 45 minutes;
  • Cave temperature around + 6°C, warm clothing and good shoes recommended;
  • Dogs are not allowed on the whole way from the valley to the cave, please follow!

Opening Hours

Due to the situation of "Covid 19" the show cave remains closed for all offers until further notice!