Schauhöhle Entrische Kirche

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Schauhöhle Entrische Kirche

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The cave "Entrische Kirche", (literally translated "sinister cave") is partly dry, dripstone and water cave. A great cave in the original state. It is the largest natural cave of the Salzburg Central Alps and one of the oldest natural monuments in the province of Salzburg.

A natural monument of a special kind. The strange rock forms and the wonderful stalactite and sinter formations make the visit an experience.

The cave name "Entrische Kirche" (eerie cave) was first mentioned in a document in 1428. In the 16th and 18th centuries, the cave served as a secret meeting place for the Lutherans who were then represented in Gastein.

On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther, a Protestant memorial was erected in the cave in the Bat Cathedral. It is unique in its kind. The cave is a real "place of power". Many visitors feel the positive earth rays.

Visits are only possible with a guided tour from 2 July to the end of September.

  • Duration 50 minutes;
  • guided tours (11 am, 12 am & 1 pm) from 3 adults upwards;
  • session/meditation by appointment;
  • Ascent from the "Cave" signboard should take at least 45 minutes;
  • Cave temperature around + 6°C, warm clothing and good shoes recommended;
  • Dogs are not allowed on the whole way from the valley to the cave, please follow!

Entrische Kirche
Klammstein 30
5632 Dorfgastein, AT