Highlight Workshops

The Hightlight Worhshops of this year's Yoga Autumn serve as a source of inspiration.

Valentin & Irina Alex


  • Firewalk : What are you walking through the fire for? What are you burning for?

What are you burning for? For what do you walk over the embers? What do you want to leave behind? What does the energy of the fire need in your life?

Firewalk preparation from 14.00 o'clock with firewalk suggestions, trances, active games, intimate moments and lots of joy, laughter, dancing!

From about 22.00 a wonderful firewalk, which is of course voluntary.

Do not be afraid, it is very simple. The participants with the biggest concerns have so far been the most passionate about running over the embers! So far, all of our firewalking seminar participants have run across the embers. The preparation for the firewalk is the most beautiful part of it, because the whole day will be filled with joy and enthusiasm. Your feet will of course remain intact & unharmed. But your heart will blaze. Once you have walked over the fire in your life, what stands in your way? It is a good feeling to have overcome your fear of the unknown and to be able to tread new paths easily and joyfully. Maybe this firewalk is your chance to completely ignite your inner fire of joy and enthusiasm.

Minimum number of participants: 10

Location: Hotel BLÜ Yogaspace Bad Hofgastein & Spa Park Bad Hofgastein

Timo choice


  • YIN & YANG | The connection of opposites

The term Hatha Yoga already combines the idea of the two opposites.
Body and mind each need aspects to function as life demands of us.
We need mental as well as physical strength to master the tasks of life. Sometimes more, sometimes less... In other situations, we are more called upon to trust life and let things happen. We need rest to recover and to trigger physical as well as mental processes of repair.

In this workshop, learn to recognize and harness the physical as well as mental aspects of Yin and Yang in practice. Feel how you can bring your system back into an effective interplay of tension and relaxation. Understand how to effectively counter stress - use the breath and acceptance of mediation, and rediscover the wholeness of yoga within a modern, dynamically flowing system.


  • SATI | Buddhist Mindfulness in Yoga

Anyone who studies the origins of yoga cannot avoid the core ideas of Buddhism. Yoga integrated many different currents throughout its history, which allowed it to become what it is today.
One of the central ideas of yoga philosophy is a friendly, open and life-affirming attitude.

Central to this is the development of mindfulness. Everything we do, we weigh! There is no "right" and "wrong", but we always check things for their advantages and disadvantages for us and others.
This mindfulness can become the basis for all further decision-making processes in life, provided we practice it.

This workshop is a small physical journey into the world of mindfulness. Don't align your practice with blueprints of a "perfect position", but learn to feel how much power you need, how a "meaningful" way of dealing with resistance can look like and how far you can go with the pursuit of space and lightness, when you move away from the idea of "having" to reach goals!




  • PRANAYAMA | The breath as the key to body practice

Pranayama, the school of breath, is often practiced as a stand-alone practice. However, we can also combine the basics of pranayama with asana practice in an ideal way. Only the conscious use of the breath allows us to experience the full depth of a position. Breath, attention and permission form a harmonious trio, which gives us the key to really use bodywork.

Use Langhana, Brimhana and Samavritti in a dynamic practice - Ujjayi, Bastrika and relaxed belly breathing - all can become part of your practice....



The Four Noble Truths | Buddhism as the Key to the Yoga Path.

No philosophical "influencer" had such a strong impact on yoga as Buddha. He reshaped the idea of "dukha" (suffering) and conceived the foundations of all later ways of finding one's own path to "liberation." The Yoga Sutra borrows from core Buddhist ideas in many places, and in turn forms the basis of modern philosophically-influenced yoga.

This lecture will focus on the importance of these basic ideas for our modern everyday life. It is not about grey theory, but about the transfer to our own personal life. If we understand how we create our own reality, we can take one or the other shortcut in life without falling again and again into the same "holes", as a Buddhist proverb describes it.


Location: Congress Center Bad Hofgastein

Esh Loh


  • The wisdom of Sound

An interactive sound experience and workshop about the connection between music / sound and spirituality. Together we explore the connection between music and spirituality and ask the question: what does it mean to live a musical life in harmony with yourself and your environment? You will learn how to consciously use music to live a harmonious life in "harmony".
Together we will encounter tones, singing and the healing power of silence.


Location: Kursaal Bad Hofgastein


Fia Sonora


  • Full Moon Ritual | Human Circle to Cleanse and Release

This workshop invites you to connect in an inspiring blend of yoga, meditation and incense. Together we will release blockages and create space for new positive energies. The incense ceremony enlivens our senses and supports us in freeing ourselves from old patterns and negative thoughts. In the Human Circle, we cleanse and let go together while supporting each other and setting positive intentions.

Whether you are an experienced yogi or a first-time yoga practitioner, this workshop is open to all who are seeking inner clarity and positive change. Bring your openness and willingness to transform and let the full moon work its magic

Location: Hotel BLÜ Bad Hofgastein



  • WORKSHOP: Mobility & Yoga | Finding ways in & out (modern music style)

In this workshop we focus on yoga from the perspective of mobility, agility and also promote agility, flexibility and strength. We build new exciting movement patterns, deconstruct them, and develop them further. The focus of this workshop is on improving holistic movement patterns. The physical focus is on developing mobility (agility), strength, and agility. (With a short break)

Suitable for all levels!

Location: Congress Center Bad Hofgastein