Yoga Autumn Gastein - 15th to 26th October 2021

Take a deep breath, re-energize, do something good for yourself: Yoga Autumn Gastein invites you to slow down the pace of life.  

In autumn, Gastein Valley shows us its most gentle face. The days get shorter, the temperatures milder, and everything is bathed in a golden light. This time of year is ideal for recharging your batteries before the winter sets in. And that's where "Yoga Autumn Gastein – Source of Inspiration” also comes into play.

Yoga Übungen vor der schneebedeckten Gasteiner Bergwelt

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Introduction to Yoga

  • 3 nights with chosen board
  • incl. 5 Yoga sessions (public)
from € 178,00 per Person
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Cataleya Fay (C) Sitara Schmitz
Cataleya Fay (C) Sitara Schmitz

Opening Concert

The big opening concert of the Yogaherbst in Gastein with Gillard | Kasheer | Khan. The musicians Ramona Kasheer and Robin Gillard have been successfully living for music in Vienna for many years. With their Indian partner Haider Khan on tabla, they embark on an inspiring journey of moving songs, compositions and improvisations on stage.


The opening concert will take place on Saturday, 16.10.2021, at 8 p.m. in the Kursaal Bad Hofgastein. Admission free! Registration online or at the Kur- und Tourismusverband required!

Europe's Biggest Yoga Event

Gastein Yoga Days take place twice a year, in each case over the span of 10 days. Some 40 yoga instructors teach over 300 yoga lessons at three different locations. This makes Gastein Yoga Days the biggest event of its kind in all of Europe.

Replenish your personal energy reserves, listen to your inner voice, restore harmony between your breathing and movement. Leave the daily grind far behind. Yoga Autumn in Gastein presents you with the ideal opportunity to do just that.  

Yoga Übungen vor der schneebedeckten Gasteiner Bergwelt

Yoga beneath a canopy of open skies

Don't be too surprised if, during Yoga Days, you keep hearing the same greeting throughout Gastein Valley: "Namasté!". This word actually comes to us from Sanskrit and means roughly "The divine within me greets the divine I see in you." True to this sentiment, during our autumn Yoga Days in Gastein, participants take part in mediation & relaxation as well as sensory, creative and spiritual courses from the worlds of dance, song, cooking, nutrition, nature and spirituality. Turn your thoughts to your inner self, discover whole new sources of energy and, by doing so, make it through the coldest season of the year in excellent shape. Special highlights of Yoga Days in Gastein, of course, include yoga sessions surrounded by nature and by the mountains. For further details, read on

Yoga on a platform next to the world-famous waterfall, on the shore of Mirror Lake on the Fulseck, and at the top of the Stubnerkogel. Here, where you are so close to the sun itself, "greeting the sun" takes on a whole new meaning.