Yoga Autumn Gastein - 9th to 18th October 2020

Take a deep breath, re-energize, do something good for yourself: Yoga Autumn Gastein invites you to slow down the pace of life.  

In autumn, Gastein Valley shows us its most gentle face. The days get shorter, the temperatures milder, and everything is bathed in a golden light. This time of year is ideal for recharging your batteries before the winter sets in. And that's where "Yoga Autumn Gastein – Source of Inspiration” also comes into play.

Yoga Übungen vor der schneebedeckten Gasteiner Bergwelt

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Europe's Biggest Yoga Event

Gastein Yoga Days take place twice a year, in each case over the span of 10 days. Some 40 yoga instructors teach over 300 yoga lessons at three different locations. This makes Gastein Yoga Days the biggest event of its kind in all of Europe.

Replenish your personal energy reserves, listen to your inner voice, restore harmony between your breathing and movement. Leave the daily grind far behind. Yoga Autumn in Gastein presents you with the ideal opportunity to do just that.  

Yoga Übungen vor der schneebedeckten Gasteiner Bergwelt

Meditation inside Gastein Healing Gallery

Gastein Healing Gallery is famous worldwide for its unique healing powers. The successes of this form of therapy range from pain relief to complete freedom from pain as well as stabilization of the immune system. Yoga Days also includes a mediation and relaxation session in the Gastein Healing Gallery – two kilometers deep inside the mountain. Letting go completely, listening to your inner voice, and consciously becoming aware of body, mind and soul. This is the main focus of the exercise.

Yoga on a platform next to the world-famous waterfall, on the shore of Mirror Lake on the Fulseck, and at the top of the Stubnerkogel. Here, where you are so close to the sun itself, "greeting the sun" takes on a whole new meaning.