Radon therapy unique in the world

The Thermal Dunstbad Gastein is a unique form of radon therapy in the world.

As early as 1825, the Radon Thermal Dunstbad was built in Bad Gastein. Directly above the Elisabeth Spring there is still a shaft today. The hot vapor from the spring is fed through this shaft into the Radon Thermal Haze Bath above. 2.5 million liters of hot, radon-containing thermal water are supplied daily by this spring alone. Nowhere else in Europe does a place have such a wealth of radon-containing water.

Gentle form of therapy

Today, the Röck family runs the Dunstbad with a lot of cordiality and personal commitment. Here you can take a healing radon steam bath and relax while your body is pleasantly washed by the radon hot steam of the Elisabeth spring. A 200-year history of experience speaks for itself. Convince yourself of the many positive experiences of spa guests in Gastein.

Thermal Dunstbad in Bad Gastein

Ideal for cardiovascular patients

The great advantage of the treatment in the radon vapor bath is the radon absorption, which is gentle on the circulation. The duration and temperature of the application can be adjusted individually for each guest. For example, if you suffer from heart or circulatory problems, this form of radon therapy is ideal for you. The effect of the therapy is just as intense as when you enter the Gastein Heilstollen, but more gentle.

The story of the polyneuropathy patient Thilo

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Spa stay in Gastein

Do you actually know that you can combine Gastein's various natural remedies during your spa stay in the valley? As with the other two natural remedies, a prescription from a spa doctor is required for treatment with the radon thermal haze bath. Bekhterev's disease and fibromyalgia patients in particular respond especially well to this form of cure. Various forms of chronic skin diseases can also be alleviated with the thermal steam bath treatment. Whether it is a steam bath, a healing gallery or thermal water - you will fill up on valuable energy and feel better. Completely natural and without medication.