Traditional meets urban, tried-and-true meets new, and Gastein meets its guests!

On 4 Thursdays in February, the Food:Moakt invites guests to experience and enjoy the very best food & drinks from Gastein.

The concept sounds simple: 6 local producers, 4 hip dishes and 1 bar.


But where exactly is the connection?
Quite simple: The farmers, herb experts and butchers share their regional products: homemade cheeses from farmers, local wild game prepared by the butcher, smoked fish raised nearby.

These staples are then transformed into regional dishes, reinterpreted, resulting in a feast for the taste buds. Have we sparked your curiosity and whet your appetite? 


And the perfect beverages to go with them, you will be able to find at the bar. 


Do you know food markets from bigger cities like Berlin, Paris, London or San Francisco? If so, it's time to get to know their little brother here in the heart of the Alps: the Food:Moakt. An urban street-market atmosphere united with the variety and uniqueness of Gastein products. 

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Other Event Highlights:

Music:Living Room
Music:Living Room
Diverse and laid-back.
Highest Farmers' Market in the Alps
Highest Farmers' Market in the Alps
Skiing and fine wine in Ski amadé in Gastein.
Gondola Dinner
Gondola Dinner
Gondola Dinner in Gastein on 21 March 2019
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