The Gastein Trail in Salzburger Land

Gentle meadows, imposing peaks and cultivated Alpine pastures along with three villages surrounded by a perfect landscape are the backdrop for the trail that meanders through the Gastein Valley. The hike is made up of six daily stages from north to south and Sportgastein. 75 kilometres and 4,643 vertical metres are the key statistics of this hike. Hidden gems tucked away in the landscape, charming promenades, Europe’s largest grass mountain range and high Alpine terrain. Recharge your batteries and enjoy the Gastein Trail and all it has to offer. Each step will have a positive effect on both body and soul.



Description of individual stages:


Stage 1 – Ascend between idyllic mountain pastures and rugged peaks.
Stage 2 – Recharge the batteries amid a picturesque landscape and mountain wilderness.
Stage 3 – Enjoy the views high above the Gastein Valley
Stage 4 – Take a hike through blossoming Alpine pastures and dense woodlands
Stage 5 – Follow in the footsteps of the gold diggers in the Nationalpark Hohe Tauern.
Stage 6 – Let yourself be surrounded by nature at its best and enjoy the cultural heritage of the Imperial Era.

On the way on the Gastein Trail

The Gastein Trail Package

starting at 545,00 € per person


Middle of June to Middle of September



  • 5 Nights incl. half-board in an hotel
  • 2 Nights incl. breakfast on the
        mountain huts along the Gastein Trail
  • Transfer with Taxi and public transport to and away from the trail
  • Parking for your car during the hiking tour


optional: Luggage transfer between the hotels