Latest information from Gastein

Below we provide answers to the most important questions about the current situation in Gastein in Salzburger Land. This information will be constantly updated as the situation in Austria develops.

per 27.08.2020 / 8.00 a.m.

Ihr sicherer Gastgeber Gastein

Seit Anfang Juli führen viele Mitarbeiter von gewerblichen Beherbergungsbetrieben in Gastein wöchentlich einen freiwilligen PCR-Test durch, um die maximale Sicherheit für Ihren Aufenthalt in Gastein zu bieten.

What else do I have to consider with regard to the coronavirus?

  • Clean hands regularly: with soap or disinfectant
  • no shaking hands and no hugs
  • Do not touch eyes, nose and mouth
  • Keep distance: at least 1 meter
  • Pay attention to breathing hygiene
  • Avoid crowds

Where do I currently have to wear a mouth and nose protector?

  • In public transport, cab & in the cable cars
  • In supermarkets, pharmacies, banks & post offices
  • For services without minimum distance (for example at the hairdresser)
  • In sanatoriums

What should I do if I feel sick?

If you feel COVID-19 sytoms:

Stay in your accommodation and contact the accommodation provider!
Call the health hotline 1450!
Do not go to the doctor or hospital without prior appointment!

Are the summer mountain lifts in Gastein Valley open?

Yes, the Gasteiner Bergbahnen have taken measures to ensure safe operation and have created their own Corona rules of conduct. These include, among other things, the wearing of mouth-and-nose protective masks and the observance of the 1 meter distance. We ask you to observe these rules of conduct.


Currently the Stubnerkogel, the Graukogel and the Schlossalmbahn are in operation daily from 8.30 - 16.00 hours. The Gipfelbahn Fulseck is in continuous operation from Tuesday to Sunday from 8.30 - 16.00 o'clock.

Are the local spa resorts open to visitors?

Yes, the two spas are open daily and measures have been taken to ensure safe operation.

Which businesses, tourist attractions, recreational opportunities, etc. are open?

A full list of the infrastructure in Gastein Valley including opening times can be found here.

Will public events be held?

Yes, you can find an overview for the events in Gastein here.

Welche Maßnahmen werden in den Hütten zum Schutz der Gäste gesetzt?

  • An den Tischen selbst wird kein Mund-Nasen-Schutz benötigt. In allen Restaurants wird auf die gesetzlich vorgeschriebenen Tischabstände geachtet bzw. es werden dementsprechende Trennvorrichtungen (z.B. Glasscheibe) installiert.
  • Die Betreiber der Gastronomiebetriebe werden sicherstellen, dass die Konsumation von Speisen und Getränken nicht in unmittelbarer Nähe der Ausgabestelle erfolgt.

Was muss ich beim Betreten bzw. Verlassen des Tisches in der Skihütte beachten?

Beim Betreten der Skihütte bis zum Tisch und auch beim Verlassen des Tisches ist gegenüber allen anderen Personen, die nicht im gleichen Haushalt wohnen, oder zur Besuchergruppe zählen, der Mindestabstand von einem Meter einzuhalten.

Ist Selbstbedienung in den Hütten möglich?

Selbstbedienung ist zulässig, sofern durch besondere hygienische Vorkehrungen das Infektionsrisiko minimiert werden kann.

As a guest of an accommodation facility (e.g. a hotel), what do I have to be aware of?

  • Maintaining a minimum distance of 1 metre to all people who do not live in one household or do not belong to my group of guests.
  • The minimum distance does not apply if the risk of infection can be minimised by suitable protective measures by spatial separation (Plexiglas panels, etc.).
  • Compliance with the minimum distance also applies to fitness and wellness areas. Please refer to the information provided by the respective accommodation establishments.

What must be observed in the catering facilities of the accommodation establishments (e.g. hotel restaurant, breakfast room, etc.)?

  • No face mask is required at the tables themselves. In all restaurants, the legally prescribed table distances are to be observed or appropriate separating devices (e.g. glass pane) are to be installed.
  • When entering the premises up to the table and also when leaving the table, a minimum distance of 1 metre must be maintained from all other people who do not live in the same household or who do not belong to the visitor group.
  • Self-service is permitted provided that the risk of infection can be minimised by taking special hygienic precautions.
  • Food and beverages may not be consumed in the immediate vicinity of where the food is given out.

Is it possible to spend the night in a dormitory / shared dormitory?

Yes, if a distance of at least 1.5 metres is maintained to people not living in a common household or if the risk of infection can be minimised by suitable protective measures by spatial separation.

Corona safety measures for the ski operation in Gastein in Ski amadé

From a current perspective, there is nothing to prevent largely unrestricted ski operation in winter 2020/21. Ski amadé and the cable car companies in Gastein will take all necessary measures to ensure that our guests can experience Austria's greatest skiing pleasure with the greatest possible safety.

Can I order my ski ticket in advance online?

Yes, you have the possibility to order your ski ticket directly here in the online store.

Where do I have to wear a face mask?

On the ski bus, and in the lift ticket office and lift facility areas, as well as on all lifts (gondolas, chairlifts..) a face mask must be worn until this rule is revoked.

Will I receive a face mask in the ski resort?

A face mask suitable for winter sports will be issued once with each ticket purchase.

Do I have to wear a face mask on the slopes?

On the slopes a face mask is not absolutely necessary.

Where in the ski resort will disinfectant be available?

Disinfectant will be available in the toilet facilities.

Will the cable cars and lifts be aired during the ride?

All lifts will be aired as best as possible during the ride.

Will the cable cars and lifts be disinfected?

All lift facilities will be regularly disinfected.

Will the lift passes be reimbursed in the case of a Corona lockdown?

Ski amadé lift passes will be reimbursed (depending upon usage) in the case of a Corona lockdown.

How will guests be informed about the Corona safety regulations on-site?

Guests will be made aware of the current Corona safety regulations by means of signs and loudspeaker announcements on site.

Which corona regulations apply to all cable cars?

All cable cars are public forms of transport and are subject to the same regulations.

How will the employees of the lift companies be trained/instructed over Corona safety measures?

The employees of the cable car companies are trained or instructed in Corona safety measures according to uniform guidelines and regulations.

Is there a person responsible for Corona measures at every lift company?

The cable car companies each have one employee who is responsible for planning and implementing measures against Corona.

Ski School Information

Appropriate reproduction of the policy paper "Health Protection and Winter Tourism" – Concept of the Austrian Ski School Association

Which basic measures are to be adhered to?

When entering public places, a distance of at least one metre must be maintained between parents and staff and people not living in the same household, including other groups.

What must ski instructors and ski school pupils be aware of if the minimum distance has to be reduced out of necessity?

A face mask must be worn if the minimum distance of one metre cannot be upheld, e.g. for absolutely necessary assistance during snow sports lessons or for assistance after falls (to get up etc.).

How will the group size in ski schools be regulated?

To make it easier to comply with the distance rule (1 metre minimum distance), it is recommended that a manageable group size be chosen and the group composition made at the beginning should be maintained thereafter.
Recommendation: max. 10 people including the snow sports instructor per group

How will a coming together of many groups be prevented?

The meeting places will be chosen to be as spacious as possible. Course schedules will be planned as far as possible in advance to avoid large group gatherings.

Which measures need to be observed when it comes to the use of cable cars?

When using cable cars, the regulations of the cable cars must be observed. Please observe the signs and loudspeaker announcements on site.

Will childcare be available?

Childcare will be possible under special hygienic conditions. More detailed information on this is already being prepared and will be available here to read.

Are there special regulations for the children’s adventure worlds?

At the children's adventure worlds, children are taught from infancy - here the distance is thus automatically reduced. For this reason, the snow sports instructor will wear a face mask suitable for winter sports in order to be able to apply a protective measure as quickly as possible.

How will the employees of the ski school be informed about Corona measures?

Employees of the ski schools are trained and instructed in Corona safety measures according to uniform guidelines and regulations.

Will teaching aids which are used in the ski school lessons be cleaned and disinfected?

Ski school equipment, aids, toys, etc. are disinfected and cleaned several times a day.

Are the ski instructors tested for Corona?

Snow sports instructors who arrive from abroad must present a negative SARS-COV2 test to the ski school owner upon arrival. Regular SARS-COV2 testing of snow sport instructors and staff who have contact with ski school guests is planned.

All contents of this page have been compiled in the best of the editor's knowledge and belief. All contents and information may be subject to alterations. State regulations form the legal basis for operation. Information and material regarding protective measures have been provided by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce – Division Ropeways.

We look forward to seeing you in Gastein soon!