Radon, heat and humidity - a unique healing climate

Pain relief in the Gastein healing gallery

2.5 kilometers inside the Radhausberg , there is a healing climate that is unique in the world and was only discovered by chance during excavation work in the 1940s. Today, guests take a train into the mountain's interior to soak up the stimulating climate in the natural radon tunnel : Radon radiation, 37 to 41.5° C heat and 75 to 100% humidity. A therapy with healing tunnel entrances helps especially with chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the respiratory tract and the skin. In many cases, the treatments lead to a significant increase in the quality of life, savings on medication and natural pain relief that lasts up to 9 months. There are also introductory offers for those interested .

Healing tunnel therapy
Healing tunnel therapy
The natural pain therapy with the power of the Gastein mountains.
History of the Heilstollen
History of the Heilstollen
The evolution from gold to health.
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Natural therapy

Before the first entry , each guest gets a clarification from the doctor . A train then takes them to one of the five stations, which differ in terms of the intensity of the climate . A therapy unit lasts 60 minutes. Inside the mountain , in addition to heat and humidity , mild alpha radiation acts on the body, this stimulates the repair function of the cells, thereby sending out anti-inflammatory messengers. In order to achieve long-lasting pain relief and stabilization of the immune system, 8-12 units are usually recommended.

Scientifically confirmed

Radon therapy relieves the pain of rheumatic diseases for an average of 9 months. This is confirmed, among others, by the ImuRa study (international, multicenter radon study) by Annegret and Thomas Franke, which was published in scientific journals such as Rheumatology International.

Months pain free

Since 1946, the effect of the Gastein Heilstollen has been continuously studied scientifically . Even a separate research institute for the region deals with radon therapy. You can find more information on scientific investigations and studies here.


The Heilstollen is particularly effective for rheumatic-inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system and for respiratory and skin complaints. The therapy is recognized by Austrian, German and South Tyrolean health insurance companies and thus, if medically justified, the costs are also covered. A treatment duration of two to four weeks with three to four Heilstolleneinfahrten per week is usually recommended.


Test the effect for yourself with a test drive into the Gastein Heilstollen, please contact us in advance: +43 6434 3753 0

How radon works

What happens in the body during radon therapy

Medically based and scientifically researched therapy