Historie-Erlebnis Burg Klammstein

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Why you should visit Castle Klammstein: - to a guided historical castle tour in the museum - for happy eating and drinking - to relax on the sun terrace - to a good snack at the Holzfeuer in the Burgschenke

At the entrance of the Gastein valley, 60 meters above the access road on the Klammstein stands the castle Klammstein, probably the oldest historical building. The earliest settlement of the valley began here. Many well-known generations have built this castle to protect the valley and its inhabitants. Up to the 16th century there were also the administration of the mines and the jurisdiction. In the following centuries the now no longer used castle decayed. In 1972, the main tower of Klammstein Castle was renovated and today houses a museum, which can be visited. In the search for the roots of the Gasteiner population one does not pass the castle Klammstein. Until the 16th century, the seat of administration and jurisdiction was located here. In the private museum, you can see the exhibits of the castle, hunting, minerals and also ghosts. Cozy castle and inn. Knights' meals and country pigeons on reservation! One-time free admission with the SalzburgerLand Card.

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Burg Klammstein
Klammstein 26
5632 Dorfgastein, AT