Burg Klammstein

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Burg Klammstein

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Experience a guided tour of Klammstein Castle, the oldest building in the Gastein Valley.

Guided tours take place according to the website: https://burg-klammstein.at/

Can you imagine the exciting stories these old walls would tell if only they could speak?

Burg Klammstein, at the entrance to the valley, isn´t only the oldest building in Gastein, it was also from here that the earliest settlement of the region began. A fact attested to by numerous prehistoric finds. In fact, it was back in the year 1272 that a first fortification was built to protect the people who lived here. Since that distant time, it has survived everything that history has thrown at it.

And that was a lot, as you will impressively discover during your visit to the castle´s own museum.

If you are hunting for the roots of human habitation in Gastein, it is impossible to ignore Burg Klammstein. Built in the 13th century, it was often a source of disagreement between the Lords of Goldegg, the ruling family of this region, and their feudal overlords, the Salzburg archbishops.

And those disagreements were not always peaceful in nature. Later, and until the 16th century, the castle oversaw mining activities in the valley and was the seat of law enforcement. Later, when the castle was no longer used, it fell into ruin.

That is, until the 1970s, when partial restoration work was begun. Today, the main tower of Klammstein houses a museum which casts light on the castle´s rich and long history.

Even now, it remains enthroned impressively at the entrance to it´s valley, around 60m above the access road and welcoming every visitor to Gastein.

Various Celebrations & knights' dinner possible at any time, from 10 people.

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Burg Klammstein
Klammstein 26
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