Discover Gastein's Hiking Theme Paths

These special hikes through Gastein offer so much to discover and explore.

Interested in how the mountains were created, the legends of dragons and mountain spirits, or would you like to learn which mushrooms are safe to collect for your next pot of goulash? Fascinating info boards provide clear, visually appealing explanations on a variety of topics, making it possible for you to get the most out of your theme hike even without the help of a guide. And of course, you will also encounter all kinds of great scenery and special places along the paths as well. Theme paths are a great way to add to your knowledge about the nature and culture of Gastein.  

Biotope Path - Hiking to places of immense natural power

Setting out from the lift station on Fulseck mountain, this path leads you along the Biotopensteig to the Arltörl. Nature alongside this trail provides a safe habitat for numerous rare animals, including salamanders and newts. After this array of wonderful impressions, be sure to stop in for some refreshments at the Heumoosalm or the Grabnerhütte, before finally reaching the end of the path next to the mid-station of the Fulseck lift.

Mushroom Path

Passionate "mushroom hunters" will find the most important information about native mushrooms along the aptly named Mushroom Path in Dorfgastein. Info boards explain which are edible and which should be avoided. The path lies between the mid- and mountain stations of the Fulseck lift, just a little above the Heumoosalm. The explanations insure there will be no unpleasant surprises the next time you choose to cook with mushrooms you have collected yourself.

Geomancy Path

Standing at seven important locations between Klammstein in Dorfgastein and Sportgastein are nine stone sculptures. Located along the banks of the Gasteiner Ache, these works of art draw our attention to hidden dimensions and connections within the landscape. This intriguing pathway also features a number of info boards.

Gasteiner Wasserfall in Bad Gastein

Pine Magic on the Graukogel

A walk amid centuries-old pine trees does your heart good, literally and figuratively. Pause at idyllic locations, take advantage of unique seats made of pine, or check out for yourself a big outdoor bed also made out of pine! The Graukogel is famous for its areas of especially beautiful and ancient Swiss pine. Many of the majestic trees are almost 300 years old. Guided tours are offered every Monday.

Gastein Healing Gallery Theme Path

Have you been to Gastein before, or have you simply heard something about the "Gastein Healing Gallery"? Or maybe you have already undergone a few radon-therapy treatments? If you would like to learn more about the fascinating healing effects as well as the history of the Gastein Healing Gallery, we would recommend taking a stroll along the Gastein Healing Gallery Path, which begins next to Hotel Evianquelle. On ten info boards, you will be able to read interesting facts about the so-called "Gasteiner Heilstollen".

Hike of Legends

Ten info boards provide fascinating insights into the rich world of Gastein legends. Along this variety-filled, idyllic pathway, you will be able to immerse yourself completely in the secrets of our valley. As you hike along, you might well recognize some of the original locations where the events are said to have taken place. Begin this exciting hike at Gasthof Burgblick, close to the Klammstein Tunnel, or at Gasthof Unterbergerwirt in Unterberg.

Schautafel mit Informationen zum Gasteinertal auf dem Thermenwanderweg

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Promenade – Bird Path

This two kilometers-long pathway with 25 info boards about native bird species connects the historic town center of Bad Gastein with beautiful Kötschachtal Valley. Along the way, you can also enjoy marvelous views of Gastein itself. Be sure to bring along some peanuts for the countless squirrels who love nothing more than to eat right out of your hand! Kötschachtal is also the starting point for many hikes, such as the "Höhenweg", the path to Prossau, up to the Poserhöhe and to the Gamskarkogel.

National Park Theme Path – Sportgastein

The National Park Theme Path in Nassfeld treats you to absolutely magical nature. From green alpine pastures to snow-covered glaciated peaks, from dark moorland lakes to colorful flower-strewn meadows, this part of Hohe Tauern National Park is truly unique. Info boards accompany you along the way, telling you more about native flora & fauna as well as a project designed to protect endangered species. This path promises an exciting afternoon for the whole family.

Schnaps trail - Hauseben

The Schnaps trail is directly connected to the mountain distillery Hauseben by the hiking trail from the Erzherzog Johann Promenade to Streitberg. The path with a length of approx. 150 meters - with the most beautiful view of the Gastein valley - is equipped with information boards around the topic "Schnaps". From the fruit to the distillate, the visitor learns everything about the production of the noble drops. The path in Salzburg can be hiked and visited free of charge.

Hardtweg - Bad Gastein

The Hardtweg in Bad Gastein - once a beautiful high-altitude promenade and today a popular hiking trail from the center of town via the Windischgrätzhöhe inn to the Waldhaus Rudolfshöhe and on towards the Kötschachtal - is the setting for the themed hiking trail "Art & Photos - Fotoart".

Along the trail there are ten works by Bad Gastein photographer, artist and musician Hans Wie Land to marvel at. The trail starts shortly before the Palfner Bridge. In the future, the Hardtweg will be used as a "travelling gallery" for various exhibitions to offer Gastein artists a stage.

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