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Bad Hofgastein

Our farm products are produced with care and are available on the farm.

These include:

- Hay milk cheese

- fine brandies

- eggs

- bread

- jams

Hay-milk cheese is cheese made from hay-milk. The milk comes from our cows, which in winter eat only hay and grain in our new free-range barn in a separate stable building. In summer, our cows are out on the pasture and on the mountain pasture, where they eat fresh grasses and herbs. We refine this hay milk into various types of cheese and natural yoghurt.

Our brandies - rowanberry, gentian, pear and fruit brandy - are produced directly on the farm using the fruit from our own trees.

The eggs come from our happy hens. The chickens are fed a purely natural diet (maize, grain, grass) and have plenty of room to roam. The best conditions for a healthy and tasty breakfast egg.

We bake different types of bread using only organic wholemeal cereals (freshly ground by us). The ‘Gastein fruit bread’ is one of our specialities.

We make fine jams from various fruits. It is particularly important to us to use as little sugar as possible and to carefully process only very well ripened fruit of hand-picked quality.

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