sommer.frische.kunst in Bad Gastein - 22. July to 20. September 2021

Art is as much a part of Bad Gastein as the imposing mountains and magnificent Belle Époque buildings.

Hardly any wonder that such an exceptional art and cultural festival has established itself right here, in the form of sommer.frische.kunst Bad Gastein has always held an extraordinary fascination for artists and art lovers.

Whether the brilliant Liza Minnelli, Berlin artist Friedrich Liechtenstein or German actress Nora Tschirner with her band “Prag”: they have all allowed themselves to be inspired by the unique magic of this place. The “Monte Carlo of the Alps”, as Bad Gastein is affectionately nicknamed, certainly has that “special something”. And is now, as ever, a creative melting pot for artists from around the world.

This art festival in Gastein is focused on three major theme areas. At the Academy, renowned artists grant us insights into their work and open up whole new perspectives for participants. The opportunity to gather valuable artistic experiences stands at the forefront for members of the annual group of Artists in Residence. Art also needs its own space, a room to call its own. That said, three locations serve as a gallery for exhibitions and installations.

Summer getaways in Gastein: art and culture of the very best

Summer getaways in Bad Gastein, Salzburger Land, also mean the opportunity to enjoy art and culture on the very highest level. You see, every year in the summertime, under the umbrella of the art and culture festival known as sommer.frische.kunst, the program includes numerous top-quality events. Artists from around the world come to this spectacular Belle Époque town in the Alps from July until September in order to show their works, to exhibit them in the historic hydropower station, and to allow themselves to be inspired by Bad Gastein in their future creations.


sommer.frische.kunst 2021 programm

Thursday 22nd July - Opening

  • 5 pm Opening Power Plant and Art Trail - Drinks & Reception, Artists* will be on site
  • 7.30 pm Guided tour Art Trail
  • 8.30 pm Food at the Kraftwerk Cafe
  • 10.00 pm Talk & Drinks at Hotel Das Regina

Friday 23rd July - Hiking and opening exhibitions at Kaiser Wilhelm Promenade

  • 11.00 am Guided hike to Poser Höhe
  • 7 pm  Opening of the exhibitions at the Kaiser Wilhelm Promenade - Lars Eidinger, Louisa Clement , Katharina Arndt, POLLYESTER
  • 8.30 pm Drinks  food at the Astoria

Saturday 24th July - Hike and performance

  • 11.00 am Hike in Sportgastein followed by a stop at the Valeriehaus
  • 2 to 6 pm All exhibitions open
  • 5.30 Barbecue at Miramonte followed by a performance
  • 8 pm Philipp Hochmeir performs Goethe's "Werther" at the Miramonte (limited tickets: request at [email protected])

Sunday 25th July - Closing Opening Weekend

  • 10.30 am Brunch at the Miramonte
  • 12.00 am All exhibitions are open

Other Event Highlights:

Things heat up during Classic:Summer in Bad Hofgastein.
Classical Summit Dinner
Classical Summit Dinner
Classical Summit Dinner on the Fulseck.
Schubert in Gastein
Schubert in Gastein
"Between Major and Minor".