Mountain Bike Training & Guided Bike Tours in Gastein Valley

Experience pristine nature as you allow a bike guide to show you Gastein's most spectacular locations.

During a guided mountain bike tour through Gastein, you'll receive valuable tips for improving your biking technique, plus you'll get to visit places in Gastein Valley known only to insiders. In summer, guided bike tours are offered out to a variety of alpine meadows and mountain huts. Select from half- or full-day tours with a full range of difficulty. Experienced bikers will find the physical challenges they are looking for, while more laid-back MTBers will simply be able to relax, escape and enjoy nature. And if you want, even on an E-bike! And whenever the group is in the mood, you will be able to stop in at a hut to sample a plate of hearty Gastein specialties, including those delicious farmhouse-style doughnuts.


One of the guided bike tours will take you up Fulseck mountain. Bring your bike along on the gondola, leaning back and taking in the magical views. Then it will be time to ride down the trail back to Gastein Valley. Do you have your own perfect day of biking in mind? If so, hire a private bike guide to design a custom-tailored biking adventure just for you.

Technique Training

Good, safe mountain biking demands more technique than you might imagine. Riding up a mountain is always strenuous, but with the right technique you can minimize the effort you have to put in. And afterwards, when you take one of the trails back to the valley, you absolutely must have mastery of good technique in order to negotiate roots, sharp bends and various surfaces safely. You'll learn all of that, and more, when you receive training in mountain bike technique from a certified MTB trainer.

Improve your mountain biking skills during your summer vacation in Gastein, then put what you have learned into practice out on a guided tour. Now's the perfect time to browse the extensive selection of guided mountain bike tours and technique courses available to you in Gastein.


The mountains and the mountain bike are our passion and we do this every day in the shop, in the workshop, as well as during the tours or driving trainings.

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