Time of traditions and customs

Harvest festival in Gastein

When summer slowly turns into fall, the sun's rays become milder and milder, and the best views can be seen from the peaks, the Bauernherbst is just around the corner!

It is a time when the region's traditions and customs take center stage. Farmers proudly present their craftsmanship, harvest produce and culinary specialties.

Discover the diversity of rural culture and take part in traditional festivals. Old customs such as the harvest festival and the cattle drive are lovingly preserved and show the connection between the people of Gastein and their homeland.

The Harvest Festival is a time of community, celebration and remembrance of the roots and traditions of this picturesque Alpine region.

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Böckstein sword dance

There is hardly another place that has been shaped by gold and silver mining as much as Altböckstein. More than 800 kilograms of the purest gold and over
2500 kilograms of silver were mined from the depths of the Tauern in the best year in Gastein.

Every year, the sword dance in the village square of the historic mining settlement is a unique demonstration of the miners ' sense of status.

Nassfeld sheep drive

The shepherds set off before dusk. With hazelnut sticks, heavy mountain boots and a determined stride, they head up into the high alpine terrain.
alpine terrain. From all sides, the shepherds, supported by the shepherd dogs, herd small groups of sheep from the cirques. Meanwhile, the first onlookers and farmers with their tractors arrive at the Nassfeldalm on the valley floor. The sheep are welcomed in a festive atmosphere with music and regional delicacies.

Da Summa is aussi - Hoamfoart is

The farmer Markus Hölzl from Lackenbauer presents his collection of bells and headdresses for the cattle drive from the beginning of September to the end of October in a small but fine exhibition at the KTVB Bad Hofgastein.

Animals made from straw
At the Salzburger Bauernherbst

Regional delicacies & craftsmanship

Delicacies from the farmers & genuine handicrafts with flowers and hay. Experience this in the Gastein Valley.

Do you know the many delicacies from Salzburger Land? At the Harvest Festival in Gastein, you have the opportunity to taste the products that were produced on the mountain pastures during the summer.

  • Cheese, where you can not only see the fresh alpine herbs, but also smell and taste them
  • Jam, juices and schnapps provide a fruity-fresh taste experience during your autumn vacation
  • Learn how tobake bread or make your own cheese: join our farmers and learn how to make cheese or the famous Blattlkrapfen doughnuts
  • Flowers, straw & hay are transformed into imaginative figures and a unique vacation is created during the farmers' autumn

Harvest festival hosts

Almgasthof Windischgrätz
open today

Alpine charm with wonderful panorama view! Traditional. Culinary. Cozy. Welcome in our restaurant!

Schachenweg 2,
5640 Bad Gastein
open today

modern - rustic - elegant - cosy - Austrian, that's how we would describe ourselves in slogans.

A reservation is recommended.

Griesgasse 10,
5630 Bad Hofgastein
Bergdestillerie Hauseben
open today

Enjoyment for all senses. Award-winning brandies and liqueurs, schnapps nature trail, own bacon, bread and cheese.

Hinterschneeberg 20,
5640 Bad Gastein
1 - 3 entries von 15
Not to be missed

Weekly Events


Farm breakfast

up to 1,080 m

8.00 a.m. - Hauseben mountain distillery, Bad Gastein

Pre-registration until Tuesday 14.00

Mill tour

16.00 - 18.00 Bad Hofgastein

Rauchbergmühle on the Höhenweg, until the end of October


Suckling pig from the stone oven

18.00 - MONDI Bellevue Alm, Bad Gastein

with live music


Bake farmer's doughnuts

12.00 noon - Obere Astenalm, Bad Gastein

until the end of September

Sunday & Monday

Alpine breakfast

from 8.00 a.m.; Amoseralm, Dorfgastein

until October 23rd

€ 19 per adult with Gastein Card
€ 10 per child up to 12 years

Registration by telephone until the day before:
+43 699 100 653 30


Bake puff pastry

12.00 p.m.; Steiner Hochalm, Dorfgastein

until September 10th

Abhof sales

Anderlbauer´s Hofladen
closed today

In the farm store of Anderlbauer in Dorfgastein you can buy farm products, regional specialties and small gifts.

Mühlbach 4 & 6,
5632 Dorfgastein
Bergdestillerie Hauseben
open today

Enjoyment for all senses. Award-winning brandies and liqueurs, schnapps nature trail, own bacon, bread and cheese.

Hinterschneeberg 20,
5640 Bad Gastein
Bio-Bauernhof Hintermanngütl
open today

Our organic products are free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, through closed nutrient cycling and the maintenance of soil fertility, our vegetables are full of flavor and therefore the best for health and the…

Gadaunern 70,
5630 Bad Hofgastein
1 - 3 entries von 12

We celebrate real customs

The Salzburg Farmer's Autumn in Gastein

The Bauernherbst is characterized by authentic and atmospheric festivities, the focus is on folk culture and customs. The festive costume is taken out of the closet, because it is simply better to dance with lederhosen and dirndl to hearty folk music - gladly late into the night.


But also during the day you can look forward to an eventful vacation day - from great hiking trails to healing thermal spas to exciting excursion destinations! Celebrate the Gastein Farmer's Autumn in Salzburger Land with us!

Active hiking
Active hiking
Regenerate in the thermal baths
Regenerate in the thermal baths
Celebrate at the Gastein Events
Celebrate at the Gastein Events

Whether wellness hotel or vacation apartment, here you will find the most beautiful accommodations in Gastein.