Experiences in Gastein under open skies

In Gastein, every day there's something new and exciting to discover

Want to experience absolutely everything that a summer in Gastein has to offer? Have you already been hiking, swimming, biking and golfing? Not to worry - boredom is far from being an issue. Gastein still has so much more in store - in the water, in the air and on the ground. Quality-time with your whole family or best friends, consciously finding the opportunities to be together, to do things together. In Gastein, activities such as fishing, panning for gold and carriage rides through the valley are ideal for just that. Sitting down to eat with your loved-ones, enjoying wonderful conversations and laughing out loud, things you will remember for a long time to come. Now, let's be honest: You never expected that a single valley would have so much to offer, right?

Other activities such as horseback riding, tennis and archery are possible year-round. Adventurers and adrenaline addicts shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to go paragliding or ride Flying Waters, a zipline that will take you on an exhilarating ride over the waterfall in Gastein.

Year-round activities in Gastein