From Gold to Good Health

How a place with vast gold reserves became Europe's Alpine health region.

On the Radhausberg in Böckstein, unimaginable quantities of gold were discovered during the Middle Ages. At that time, Gastein was rightfully known as the Gold Chamber of Europe. In the 1940s, they came up with the idea of digging a shaft into the Radhausberg with the hope of reaching even greater gold deposits. However, they presumably had no idea that thermal water had beaten them to it. This precious liquid, which percolated up through the ore to the surface, had dissolved all of the ore inside the mountain over the course of countless centuries. It left behind fine fissures and clefts, through which the radon water vapors of today rise from the water table deep below into the gallery. Once there, it heats up the rock and creates the unique therapeutic climate

Historisches Bild von der einstigen Belegschaft des Heilstollens

Miners amazingly free of ailments

It was noticed that miners rarely suffered from colds. When the effects of the Gastein Healing Gallery were investigated in more than 100,000 scientific studies, it was determined that, in some medical areas, the climate of the Gastein Healing Gallery had greater benefits than many of the better-known conventional therapies. Since then, countless people have taken this path towards a naturally pain-free life, personally profiting from the effects of the Gastein Healing Gallery.

Historisches Bild vom Personen im Gasteiner Heilstollen

Therapy Today

Today, the Gastein Healing Gallery is an institution providing modern outpatient treatments, with patients and their personal needs the focus of all they do. Healing Gallery Therapy is officially recognized by Austrian and German health insurance carriers. Learn more about available therapy programs in Gastein!

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