Ski Touring in Gastein

For experienced back-country skiers, Gastein Valley has lots of magical routes to offer. Ask our certified ski- and alpine guides about the most beautiful locations.

Because you will be navigating through virgin, mostly unmaintained countryside, it's vital for you to assess the terrain and snow situation accurately. Standard gear includes an avalanche transponder and probe, along with your skis, skins and a helmet. If you are about to set out on your very first ski tour, we would suggest renting your equipment and hiring a guide, who will then be able to show you why this sport is so fascinating, and will be happy to share all kinds of valuable tips & tricks. In that way, your ski tour will be a safe, wonderful experience in the fresh mountain air - one you'll have positive memories of for a long time to come.

Being perfectly prepared for an off-piste skiing adventure means you've:

  • checked the latest weather forecast and avalanche reports 
  • studied a map of the area including ascent and descent routes - and packed the map away in your rucksack, of course
  • stored emergency numbers on your mobile phone  
  • notified your hosts about the day and route of your tour, and the approximate time you expect to return
  • packed your rucksack
  • eaten a good, nutritious breakfast

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