Mountain Biking in Gastein

Technical trails, forest lanes and meadow paths, curves with lots of flow and high-speed passages – Gastein promises mountain bikers action-packed adventure.

As a true MTB fan, exploring the Gastein mountains with the help of your mobile companion is an absolute must. Although Gastein doesn't boast a big bike park with various man-made courses, a second look will quickly tell you, this is very much a mountain biking paradise. In Gastein, you can master the trails at your own pace, never being pressed by other bikers. The routes blend gently into the alpine landscapes, also inviting you to enjoy a break every now and then to take in the absolutely fabulous scenery.

Mountain Biking on the Fulseck in Dorfgastein

If you are looking for an easier way to take your bike with you into the mountains, we would definitely suggest heading for Dorfgastein. The gondola transports you and your bike to the top of the mountain. Once you are there, enjoy the views of Gastein Valley and over to Grossarl, before selecting the trail you'd prefer for your ride back down to the valley.

Mountain Biking in Bad Hofgastein

Ride to Angertal, then explore one of the tours through our summery countryside. Yearning for a challenge that'll make you sweat? The mountain bike trail to the summit of the Stubnerkogel at 2,254 meters above sea level is an exciting route sure to appeal to trail-hardened mountain bikers.

Mountain Biking in Bad Gastein

Popular routes lead up the Patschgstuhl, to the lift mid-station on the Graukogel and to the top of the Stubnerkogel. Gastein's areas of high alpine pastures and mountain huts are a perfect destination if you want a challenging tour. For example, the Graukogelalm greets you at 400 meters elevation, giving you the opportunity to rest your aching muscles and feed that growl in your stomach! With your goal right there in front of your eyes and thoughts of a well-earned refreshment break constantly on your mind, pedaling up a mountain has never seemed easier.

Already planning your holiday in Gastein? Even now, you can go ahead and plan the mountain bike tours you'll take once you get here.

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