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Bad Hofgastein

As a small family business, we can and want to produce our products only in small quantities.

Cheese, butter and other dairy products are only made in the summer months when the cows are out grazing or on the mountain pastures - because that's when it tastes best.

We distil schnapps from our own fruit. This means that we may not always be able to offer every schnapps. One year we have more plums and another year more cherries or rowanberries.

In other respects, too, we are completely guided by nature. We make jams when the fruit in our garden is ripe! And we don't buy our bacon off the peg either. Our pigs are simply allowed to be pigs and are fed with organic feed, so it can happen that one bacon is lean and the next is more streaky or has more flavour carriers (fat).

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