Safety & piste rules in Gastein

Safety first when skiing & snowboarding.

For children up to 15 years of age, helmets are compulsory when skiing & snowboarding in Austria. You can rent ski helmets at any ski school and at the ski rental stores in the valley. When your children take a course at one of the Gastein ski schools, they are in the best hands. The trained instructors will safely teach your children how to ski and snowboard and also know first aid in case of emergency. This makes skiing a safe experience, and parents can also enjoy a worry-free skiing vacation.


For this winter season there are special rules regarding COVID-19. From the current point of view, nothing stands in the way of skiing. Ski amadé and the Gasteiner Bergbahnen will take all necessary measures to ensure the greatest skiing pleasure with the greatest possible safety. Here you will find all safety measures.

Skifahrer in Gastein

FIS piste rules:

1. show consideration for the other skiers.

Each skier must behave in such a way that he does not endanger or harm another.


2. control of speed and skiing style

Every skier must ski on sight. He must adapt his speed and manner of skiing to his ability and to the conditions of the terrain, snow and weather, as well as to the density of traffic.


3. choice of lane

The skier coming from behind must choose his lane in such a way that the skier in front is not endangered.


4. overtaking

Overtaking is allowed from above or below, from the right or from the left, but always at a distance that allows the overtaken skier sufficient space for all his movements.


5. entering and starting

Every skier who has entered a ski slope or who wants to start again after a stop must make sure upwards and downwards that he can do so without danger to himself or others.


6. stopping

Every skier must avoid stopping without necessity in narrow or blind places on a slope. A skier who has fallen must clear such a place as soon as possible.


7. ascent and descent

A skier ascending or descending on foot must use the edge of the slope.


8. respect the signs

Every skier must respect the markings and the signalization.


9. assistance

In case of accidents, every skier is obliged to render assistance.


10 Duty of identification

Every skier, whether a witness or a participant, whether responsible or not, must give his personal details in the event of an accident.

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