18-hole Golf Course in Gastein: your course, your game

Golf surrounded by 360 degrees of Alpine panoramas on an 18-hole course that lives up to your every expectation: Golfing in Gastein is pure luxury.

When the sun casts its first rays over the mountaintops, the dewy grass still glistens and the birds welcome the summer morning with a loud twitter - Imagine standing there in the middle of a beautifully manicured fairway, beginning your day with a round on this variety-filled 18-hole course. Gastein Golf Course blends into Gastein Valley perfectly, flanked by the majestic peaks of the Hohe Tauern range. The course takes full advantage of the natural terrain features of the alpine world, the fairways alternating between hilly and flat. The clean, clear air of Gastein Valley, never oppressive even on hot summer days, adds to the ideal golfing conditions.

Luxury wherever you look: Excellent conditions in Gastein

The fairways and greens are always in tip-top shape. The conscientious greenkeepers guarantee that conditions on the golf course are ideal - no matter whether you are embarking on an evening round after spending the day up in the Gastein mountains, or you are the first on the course at the weekend. During your rounds, you will be accompanied by the twitter of birds that have made their homes in the old trees of the riparian forest. Their concert is only interrupted by the steady murmur of romantic mountain streams.

Golfer am Weg mit dem Golf Cart

Gastein Golf School: Learn the basics or improve your handicap

Scratch golfers don't simply fall from the sky. There are so many little details and subtle body motions you have to be aware of. Which is why a visit to the Gastein Golf School is always worthwhile - whether you are a rookie or a pro. Head Pro Adam Fisher has run the golf school since 1992. You can book introductory lessons with him, as you can courses that prepare you to earn your course card or tournament qualification. Either in groups or private lessons. Are you an ambitious amateur golfer? In that case, book an individualized training program that gives you the opportunity to fine-tune your technique with the help of video analysis.

Are you a beginner and still don't have any golfing equipment? No problem! You can borrow clubs and balls at the Gastein Golf School. And for the right golfing outfit along with practical accessories, we would suggest stepping right into the Pro Shop at Gastein Golf Club in Salzburger Land. Now, all that's left to do is check out the opening times and the price of green fees, at which point nothing more stands in the way of a successful start to your golfing "career".

Book an individual golf course training where you can hone your technique using video analysis.

You are a beginner and don't have any golf equipment yet? No problem! You can borrow clubs and balls at the Golf School Gastein. You can conveniently buy the right outfit and practical accessories directly in the Pro Shop of the Golf Club Gastein in Salzburger Land. Now all you need to do is keep an eye on the opening hours and pay attention to the green fee charges, and then nothing will stand in the way of a successful start to your golfing career. A golf training in the middle of the Salzburg mountains and Tauern.

Golfer beim Abschlag im Gasteinertal

Gastein Golf Club: Welcome to the 19th hole!

It has to be one of the most important parts of any golf course: the so-called 19th hole, in other words the clubhouse. After a long day of golfing, as a pleasant sense of contended fatigue gradually sets in, there's nothing better than a cool, refreshing drink enjoyed out on the clubhouse terrace. Discussing your score with your fellow golfers, eating a tasty snack, or simply taking in the magnificent alpine panorama: As energized and dynamically as your day of golfing on the Gastein course began, now's simply the time to lean back and take a deep, satisfied breath with a big smile on your face.

Already feel your fingers wanting to curl around a comfortable grip? Already have your favorite iron in your hand? If so, now's the ideal opportunity to book a holiday at one of our beautiful hotels or apartments in Gastein Valley. Awaiting you is golfing enjoyment you will experience with all of your senses - and a holiday that rises to pure perfection.

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