Guided Hikes in Gastein Valley

A meaningful nature experience and a friendly atmosphere – are the distinguishing features of a guided hiking tour in the Gastein valley.

Walking together equals twice as much fun. The Gastein Tourist Board has compiled a weekly programme with various hikes with a professional mountain guide. The hikes on offer are diverse, and there is something to suit every ability, for more experienced hikers as well as novices. The easier hikes often include the use of a mountain lift. On the sunset hike, you will witness something wonderful, as the sun sets over the Alps and the colour of the sky changes from orange to fiery red and purple. Do you have a yearning to be in the mountains? Other topics such as herbs, pine trees and mushrooms are outlined on the educational trails with information boards providing inquisitive hikers sufficient “brain food”.

Challenging Tours for Experienced Hikers

Are you already a trail-hardened hiker and do you look forward to every added meter of vertical gain during your all-day hike? In that case, the more remote peaks and challenging trails in Gastein Valley are sure to be ideal for you. And there's no better way to discover them than with the help of a local mountain guide, someone who knows the area like the back of their hand and has good instincts for the changing weather conditions. That way, you can be sure you are in safe, reliable hands.

Share your hobby with fellow hikers on a guided tour

Did you come to Gastein on your own? If so, why not sign up for a guided hike and meet others who share your love for hiking? Exchange experiences from previous hikes and mountain adventures with each other. Listen to the stories your guide has to tell, and maybe even pick up a few insider tips. Don't hold back with your questions! Our local mountain guides know the plant and animal world of the Hohe Tauern mountains really well, and which species you are likely to encounter. Who knows, with a little bit of luck you might be the first to catch sight of marmots, chamois or even an imposing bearded vulture!

Regardless of which hike you decide to go on, you are sure to really enjoy your timeout here in Gastein.

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Guided Tour: pine-path hike

Meeting Point: Valley Station Graukogel - Bad Gastein
20.09.2021 | 09:45
Discover the magnificent Graukogel at this informative hike where it´s all about the stone pine.Hiking time: 1,5 hours, 100 Hm in ascent, 100 Hm in descent  

Guided hiking-tour: Sepp Poesie Weg

Meeting point: tourist office - Bad Hofgastein
21.09.2021 | 08:30
This lovingly constructed pathway leads from the Brandebengut through a forest of spruce to the Biberalm. Time on trail: appx. 5 hours, gain: 600 m/ loss: 900 m 

Guided Hike: Full moon hike

Meeting point: Nationalparkhaus Sportgastein - Bad Gastein
21.09.2021 | 20:00
Hike along the valley floor in Sportgastein with our hiking guide Hans Naglmayr. Hiking Time approx. 2 hours  

Guided hiking-tour: Paarseen

Treffpunkt: Tourismusverband Dorfgastein - Dorfgastein
22.09.2021 | 08:30
Hike to Gastein´s mountain lake:Walking time approx. 6 1/2 hours, ascent approx. 1000 m altitude / descent approx. 1000 m altitude

Guided Hike: Hieronymushaus

Meeting point: touris office Bad Gastein - Bad Gastein
24.09.2021 | 08:45
Informative hiking tour between Böckstein and Sportgastein/Nassfeld along the trails of the goldmining. Finish at Hieronymushaus / Radhausberg.Duration: appx. 6 hours, ascent 720 m 3,5 h, descent 580 m 2,5 h

Guided Hike: Bockhartseen

Meeting point: Tourist Office Bad Gastein - Bad Gastein
01.10.2021 | 08:45
A good prerpared hikingway to the two mountain lakes Bockhartseen.Hiking time: approx. 5.5 hours, 540 Hm in ascent 2.5 h, 540 Hm in descent approx. 1.5

Guided hiking tour: Jungeralm - Stubneralm

Meeting point: tourist office - Bad Hofgastein
05.10.2021 | 08:30
Beginning at the trail head for hikers in Angertal, you will walk alongside the Angerbach in the direction of the valley head. Time on trail: appx. 5 hours, gain: 600 m/ loss: 600 m    

Guided hiking-tour: Poserhöhe

Meeting point: bus stop - Bad Gastein
08.10.2021 | 09:15
A nice hiking trail to the Poserhöhe, where a selection of hearty snacks and a beautiful view await us.Time on trail: appx. 3 hours, gain 450m 2h/ loss 450m 1h
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