Fun and games for the whole family on the Schlossalm

“Discover yourself in the rock and stone” - where the excitement never stops.

In Bad Hofgastein, the widest point in the valley, lies the Schlossalm. A place where the whole family feels right at home. You and your children can choose from pleasant hiking paths and mystical creatures carved my Mother Nature into the rocks. 

Fancy some action on your summer vacation or hiking vacation with family or friends? Here you will find your personal sporting challenge. On the Schlossalm you can choose from up to six different via ferratas and experience the adrenaline kick or the mountain panorama here.


WideHiking trailsmake the path also accessible for baby carriages without any problems. The Weitmoser Schlossalm and the Hofgasteiner Haus invite you to stop for a bite to eat.


Now only the rightAccommodationfor your vacation in Gastein, or should it be aPackage dealbe?

Outdoor playground at 2,050 meters above sea level

Awaiting our youngest guests right outside the building at the mountain station is a giant outdoor playground:

  • 15 m slide
  • net swing
  • hammock
  • tunnel to crawl through
  • climbing tower
  • pyramid made of climbing nets
  • carousel
  • gorilla slide
  • 75m² jump mattress

While you enjoy the views as you sit out on the terrace at the Kleine Scharte Mountain Restaurant, your children can embark on their own journey of discover. Boredom is guaranteed never to be a factor for anyone.

Improve your balance in the slackline park

Located next to the playground is the highest slackline park far and wide. But what is a slackline exactly? Basically, a strap strung between two fixed points that you have to balance along. But because, as the name implies, it is somewhat slack, the line will yield to your weight to a greater or lesser degree. This is a fantastic way to improve balance, coordination and skill. Because the height and length of the slacklines in the park varies, it's exciting for beginners and "pros" alike. For real daredevils, the 8 meters-high slackline is definitely a perfect challenge.

Motor path and rope bridge

Only a few minutes away from the mountain station Schlossalmbahn starts the Motorikweg with a total of 20 stations. Here, balance can be trained in a playful way, ideal for the whole family. For the brave, there is a rope bridge that can be climbed with climbing equipment by young and old. The motor skills trail leads directly to the Schlossalmblick viewing platform , where you can enjoy the view during a leisurely break.

Schlossalm Bad Hofgastein

Via Ferratas for Rock Jocks

The six via ferrata climbs on the Schlossalm are suitable for rookies and experienced climbers alike. The different degrees of difficulty give beginners a perfect opportunity to get a feel for this popular alpine sport. That said, climbers who are already experienced on fixed-cable ascents will also find the challenges they are looking for on the Schlossalm. A practice climbing area and a "Surefootedness Course" provide an excellent foundation for the adventures on a natural rock face still to come. There, you will learn how to secure yourself safely and be able to acquaint yourself with the standard techniques used on a via ferrata. The wide spectrum of fixed-cable climbs on the Schlossalm in Gastein is unique in all of Salzburger Land.

Hiking paths for the whole family

After a short walk from the mountain station of Schlossalmbahn, it will be time to tackle one of the five hiking loops on the mountain. Since they vary in distance, time and elevation gain, everyone will find a path that works best for them. The two paths along the banks of the Schlossalmsee, close to the mountain station, are perfect if you happen to be pushing a pram. As we mentioned, aside from varying in distance and the time required to complete them, there is also quite a difference in what kind of climb you will encounter along the way.

PathDistanceTimeTotal Gain
Short Lake Hike1.20 kmca. 15 minutes70 m
Long Lake Hike1.60 kmca. 20 minutes100 m
Short "Active Hike"1.60 kmca. 30 minutes120 m
Long "Active Hike"2.00 km ca. 40 minutes150 m
Big Hike4.50 kmca. 1 hour270 m
Gratrundweg "Tauernblick" - only for experienced hikers6.30 kmca. 2 hours293 m

Discover mysterious creatures in the rock

This is where the truly cool discoveries begin! If you walk along the different paths with eyes and mind wide open, it could easily happen that, just beyond the next trail fork, you encounter a shark or perhaps a mammoth somewhere on the Schlossalm. Of course, only with the right amount of imagination will you be able to make out all of those creatures that were "carved" by Mother Nature into the rock formations. So, have you already spotted the eagle and the cow?

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