An overview

yunion yoga teachers

Matt Giordano

Matt's teaching style is a powerfully unique blend of alignment, breath, and movement in order to awaken The highest sense of joy within each student. He is based in NYC, and travels around passionately sharing his discoveries through workshops, and teacher trainings. Trainings include Acro Yoga, Pure Yoga, Yoga Tune Up, Integrated Embodied Anatomy, Anusara, and many more.

Matt's incredible attentiveness to alignment comes from a place of conviction. His in-depth studies in yoga, acrobatics and martial arts have granted phenomenal knowledge about the human body and his ability to convey this information in an accessible and concise manner is what gives his students the confidence to be open to explore.

"Nothing fulfills me more than witnessing people courageously expand their body, mind, and soul. Whether a person walks in ready to celebrate life or is seeking such inspiration, I hope that they leave feeling peaceful in their heart and empowered in their spirit."


Rebecca Rasmussen

I'm a yoga teacher, entrepreneur, coach, and community builder. I love hanging out at home in Connecticut with my Husband Matt, puppy Tito, and all our cute farm animals. I am my best self when I move my body, drink a yummy latte, and am outside in nature!

My passion is to teach people how to master the essence of their movement and awareness of their bodies empowering them to live joyfully on and off the mat. Life is amazing and I feel super blessed to be doing what I love!


Celest Pereira

Celest is a geek that loves anatomy, neuroscience and biomechanics. She acquired her BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy in 2009, and has recently started studying functional neurology. Her yoga classes are a mixture of creative movement backed by science and education. She co-authored the book Too Flexible to Feel Good, which is a roadmap for anyone struggling with hypermobility. Her goal is to have you sweaty, occasionally blowing your mind with cool facts and after her sessions she wants you to leave feeling happy.



Hie Kim

Hie Kim trains yoga teachers, gives yoga workshops and hosts retreats. He is one of the senior teachers and instructors of the legendary Inside Yoga Studio in Frankfurt. Every year he teaches hundreds of yoga teachers and is well known on the big yoga stages of the German speaking and Asian yoga space. He can also be seen in the Yoga Magazine of the Austrian radio station Runkfunk, as a presenter at top events in Robinson's clubs and as a teacher of numerous video series on the premium online yoga platform His yoga teaching is very much oriented to the students who find themselves in his yoga room. He passes on this reactive teaching style to other teachers in his advanced training "Echo Sequencing". With his didactic ability and his empathetic, humorous character, he manages to pick up his yoga students physically, mentally and emotionally and to inspire them with well thought-out lessons. His self-written poems in Shavasana are especially popular.


Ami Norton

Hi, I'm Ami. I help you create a conscious connection with yourself - which is ultimately the most important relationship we have. Do you want to feel more comfortable in your body, increase your self-awareness, find more balance in your daily life, have more harmonious relationships (with yourself and others), reduce stress, and cultivate ease? I want to show you how yoga practice can open these doors for you and much more.

I teach creative but anatomically sound yoga classes that combine music, movement and meditation to give you a space and the tools to experience your body and mind in a new way. I help you feel healthy in your body - appreciating its strengths and accepting its weaknesses. I love what I do because I get to take you on a journey to yourself, with a practice that extends far beyond the yoga mat.


Anna heart

Anna is a yoga teacher and Inside Flow Senior Teacher from Frankfurt. Since 2022 she has been training yoga teachers in German-speaking countries as part of the Inside Yoga instructor team. Her yoga classes come straight from the heart - she gently guides you through dynamic flows that let you feel into your body in a very sensitive way, tuning your heart rate to the beat of the music and bringing together body awareness, thought world and emotion. Her intention is to help you deepen your connection to your body and fill your everyday life with vitality and ease.

Ranja Weis

After a serious illness at the age of 25, I realized that the path I had taken was not really mine. I studied German and history to become a teacher. In retrospect, I don't know where I got the courage back then to leave everything behind to seek a holistic way of healing with traditional medicinal plants in South America.

I guess I felt somewhere deep inside that this was exactly what was needed for the special life I had always dreamed of. Although I had a hard time there and faced a lot of things inside myself that seemed almost impossible to overcome and heal, today I see this event as one of the greatest gifts. Especially because it also brought me to yoga.

So I took my first yoga class in a yoga studio in Rio de Janeiro. From the first moment I was excited about this possibility to experience my body and my inner self even more consciously and intensely. Health on all levels had become my guiding principle.

The deeper I dived into yoga, the more fascinating and enriching I found the great treasure of knowledge and techniques. This enthusiasm and curiosity led to my first trip to India, to yoga teacher training, and finally turned my hobby into a profession. Since then I am happy to be able to share my experience and knowledge in this way with interested people. And to be able to contribute to health, consciousness and healing, which I find deeply enriching and fulfilling.


Anna Rampfl

Anna Rampf is a Strala Yoga and Meditation Guide. She lives and loves inspiring people to be more mindful, aware and to embrace the high good of personal health.

Anna's journey onto the yoga mat began over 12 years ago. Looking for a new hobby and a balance to her daily work routine, she quickly realized that yoga was just the thing. On her travels around the world, her curiosity to try out new yoga styles grew - that's how Anna encountered the movement form 'Strala Yoga' in New York a few years ago.

Through the way created by Tara Stiles to bring body, mind and spirit in harmony, she learned to invite more freedom, feeling and informality into the yoga practice. Strala lives a fusion of yoga, tai chi and Far Eastern healing traditions, and based on these basic philosophies, helps people reduce stress, get rid of bad habits and face challenges with ease.

After various Strala Yoga trainings, Anna opened YOGALIEBE in 2017, the first Strala Yoga studio in Germany, to be able to accompany many more people on their way to more ease, joy of movement and health.

Anna loves her own practice on the mat and is guided through life by various approaches and signposts from Buddhist psychology.
Renowned spiritual guides, regular Strala Yoga trainings, as well as further education in health care enrich her practice and what she wants to pass on to others.


Daniela Dishmaier

Daniela is the right person for you if you want to think outside the box. If you are ready to get involved in new perspectives. Surely you have read countless mental tips on conflicts, mental strength, resilience, happiness, serenity, behavior patterns, communication, etc., but they often don't work. Because reading is not understanding. And understanding is not the same as implementing.

Together with Daniela you can approach the topics in her workshops - through experiments and the exchange with the other participants of the workshop. Daniela emphasizes a mixture of profound knowledge and individual experimentation.

Learning can happen in two ways: through optimization or through experience and experimentation. In Daniela's approach, you will not find personal development that only aims at self-optimization, because pure learning by optimizing puts you under pressure and is not much fun. Also, the desire for self-optimization can be based on unpleasant feelings that want to be avoided. This can lead to inner imbalances, often negative stress and a lack of resilience in dealing with our world. These people then need even more validation on the outside, even more goods, even more of things through which they can define and orient themselves on the outside. To break through this imbalance, courage is needed. The courage to experiment with one's own mindset, the courage to take a closer look at oneself. And in doing so, respect for each other: "my solution is not your solution".

Head or heart person? Daniela is both. As a coach, she supports performance-oriented people in politics, administration, business, law and sports.

Daniela is also an amateur triathlete and has had quite a bit of success. However, she much prefers to tell about the days that made her learn in this field as well. She wrote the book "Brutal Mental: Mental strength is more than just winning thinking", which was published by Pflaum Verlag. And she hosts the podcast "Brutal Mental - the podcast for mental strength".

For more on her, check out and her social media profile.



Marion Schwarzat

Founder +Owner Urban Yoga Hamburg
Yoga teacher & trainer (E-RYT 500), psychological (Gestalt) counselor, hypnosis coach, regression guide, mediator and meditation teacher.

Marion`s great passion, more than work, is yoga and meditation and she knows her great privilege and happiness to be able to do something that fulfills her completely. Her innermost desire is to support people in finding their own center (again), to recognize their own strengths, but also to accept weaknesses, to come & be in peace with themselves and the world. Yoga makes you happy in all its many aspects, because it makes you more flexible (physically and mentally) and at the same time it manages to calm our eternally restless, planning, demanding and judging "monkeymind".

Marion experiences in yoga just the pure joy of being as a great quality and wants to not only live this, but make it tangible in her classes!
For over 15 years she has been immersing herself more and more in the diversity of yoga, practicing and learning the most diverse styles of yoga and delving more and more into mindfulness-based meditation. Besides various yoga teacher trainings, countless advanced trainings have led her deeper and deeper into the inexhaustible vastness of the yoga world and wonderful teachers have accompanied and influenced her, especially her mentor and friend Mark Stephens. One thing all teachers and especially yoga have taught her: to trust the greatest teacher, the teacher within!


Jazz Sánchez

"Yoga has nothing to do with performance. Yoga has only to do with yourself."

The avid Latin American discovered her passion for yoga more than 11 years ago.

"It was love at first sight."

Soon her passion and joy to share with other people this knowledge became one of the most beautiful challenges in her life, so Jazz made her way to India, where she completed her training as a certified yoga teacher.

After several workshops abroad and various trainings, Jazz returned to Austria fully motivated to practice her knowledge here.

Besides Vinyasa Flow, Relax Yoga, and Hatha Yoga, Jazz also teaches special classes for pregnant women and founded her own yoga style: "AFRO LATIN YOGA FLOW".

This is based on a blend of African dance movements with Latin American rhythm and is combined with live music. In this hour you will experience the energy, the joy of life and the spiritual connection to your body.

This all-around talent is fluent in Spanish, German and English.



Kae Watcharin

Kae Watcharin started her practice in Thai Massage since 2009 at Wat Pho, Thailand after that she went to USA and got into De Anza College for Massage Therapy Program at this time she was a Thai Massage Therapist and worked many years and this is when her passion and dedication of teaching massage has been started. After move back to Thailand and become Thai Massage Teacher then she started her journey into yoga and went to India to learn many yoga teacher trainings and also yoga therapy. Later, She have found the very unique techniques called ''Sen Thai Energy Massage'' Combining Sen (Energy), Thai Massage, and Yoga Asana together.She has tremendously believed that Metta (compassion) Energy can be shared to all among us. Her teachings are very well received and appreciated by all the therapist across the Globe.


With a massage with Kae you get the following: A 60 minute Thai massage with Kae-Watcharin. Please arrive at the yunion yoga booth in the convention center at least 5 minutes before your massage. Kae will pick you up and guide you to her massage room.



Nicki Vellick

Nicki lives with her family in Graz and is the owner of the beautiful Yogalife Studio. Since she did her training with Young-Ho Kim in 2007, she is closely connected to Inside Yoga and this teaching style. She is E-RYT 500, Inside Flow Senior Teacher as well as Prenatal Yoga Teacher and Mental Trainer for pregnant women and leads different trainings for yoga teachers and those who want to become one in Austria and Germany.

Her classes are varied with a lot of music, sometimes singing (she likes to unpack the ukulele) and a fine mixture of tradition and modernity.
For Nicki it has always been important that yoga goes beyond the mat, that yoga is not only seen as an asana, but as a mindful attitude towards oneself and all beings in the world. The themes Nicki weaves into her classes reflect this attitude and invite you to go deeper in your yoga practice for a transformative experience of your own life.


Anna Graefenhan

Anna came into contact with yoga and meditation in her childhood through her mother. Over the years, she has practiced different styles of yoga and had the opportunity to meet a variety of teachers. For Anna, yoga is a journey to self-awareness. Through yoga she can always find closer to herself and consciously experiences satisfaction and where and how she is currently in life. Anna teaches yoga because it touches her to be a help and inspiration, to let people explore their own bodies, thoughts and emotions.


Nell Leiss

Nell's yoga classes are strong and gentle at the same time. She places great emphasis on individual alignment in body and mind. Tools are her best friends when teaching. She tries to see each person in the room and create a safe space for everyone.

Nell completed her 200h TT in Sydney in 2017 with BodyMindLife (teachers: Noelle Connolly, Kat Clayton, Rachael Coopes & Sarah Routhier) and has been teaching at Urban Yoga Hamburg ever since. Nell.

2021 completed her 300h training (teachers: Marion Schwarzat, Andrea Mohrbutter, Hie Kim, Mark Stephens & Christiane Wolff). She currently works as a studio manager at Urban Yoga and is the training coordinator for the 200 & 300 training.



Dwayne Harris

Experiencing life multisensually was already firmly implemented in my childhood through family-anchored spirituality. As a massage therapist and competitive athlete / trainer (focus on Thai boxing and calisthenics), I now create in today's world the union of body and mind. Whether as a tour masseur for "The Voice Of Germany", at championships in martial arts, retreats or in 5-star hotels to be tasked with massaging royal families....

- It is my passion to bring people in harmony with themselves and the environment.

In addition, I enjoy assisting people in learning the art of massage.

- Touching is easy..touching is the art!

The love of people and life is the breeding ground of my vocation.

With a massage with Dwayne you get the following: A 60 minute massage with Dwayne. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your massage in the hotel lobby of Hotel Blü. Dwayne will pick you up and take you to the massage room. There you can change at your leisure and get ready for the massage.



Katrin Frank

Laughter, lightness, relaxation and joy of being is at the top of my list in life and in my yoga classes. I love to accompany people in their movement, to get to know them, to be inspired by them, to learn from them and to share my experiences with them. For this I dive deep into my inner self and consciously perceive the connection between body, mind and soul. The outside is forgotten for this precious moment.
I teach different yoga styles, lead yoga workshops and yoga trips in Austria and Croatia. In order to teach healthy and quality yoga, a precise alignment of the asanas (postures), a respect for the body and one's own (current) limits and regular trainings as a personal "update" are very important to me. In 2012 I founded Fit and Free - Life is Movement, a place of movement, meeting and joy! Namasté!


Bea Horváth

Since 2018, Bea has been teaching yoga classes that are influenced by Functional, Mobility, Classical elements. Because her belief is the constant flow of change, which is the constant in life and also shapes her yoga classes.

Music has always held a special value in her life. When she discovered Inside Flow in 2019 it was clear to her that she had found one of the greatest passions for herself. On beat vinyasa flow, asana choreography tailored to the music, and staying in the flow all the time, just like life.


Alessio Gerbig

Alessio is a successful entrepreneur and digital expert from Frankfurt. Already in his early youth, he developed his own digital business models and measured himself against various digital problems. Out of these first attempts (and of course many failures...) a passion for finding digital solutions and making people digitally successful has emerged. Thus, Alessio already founded a web and marketing agency during his studies and to this day he has served, advised and made successful more than 50 clients.

To take the next step and seek more challenges, Alessio took over the operational business of TINT Yoga together with his business partner in 2018, helping yogis and yoginis reach their next level every day.

Both through his consulting with companies from a wide range of sectors within his agency, and through his time at TINT, Alessio has been able to gain exclusive knowledge and experience that he enjoys sharing through workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions. Webinars, social media, digital advertising, websites - it doesn't matter: he can help you personally and business blockades, shares his tips & tricks and can be your coach in strategic questions.

And because life is not only about work, Alessio has brought another passion right along with him: he accompanies the sunset every evening with relaxed house beats as a DJ.