For your environmentally conscious vacation in Salzburger Land!

Electric charging stations in Gastein

The e-bike in your luggage? On vacation with the electric car? You will find electric charging stations throughout Gastein!


Electromobility is more than a short-lived trend. More and more people are turning to more environmentally friendly electric cars, and it's hard to imagine the roads and bike paths without e-bikes.



To ensure that you are always well provided for during your vacation in Gastein in terms of electromobility, there are electric charging stations throughout the valley - from Dorfgastein to Bad Hofgastein to Bad Gastein and even in Sportgastein . At these stations you can recharge your electric car; in some cases charging stations for e-bikes are also integrated. You will find the electric charging stations at public places, hotels and restaurants.


Take a look at the interactive map. There is sure to be a charging station right near your accommodation!