Music in the Alps
Topics: Gastein TV | Concert
Wienersaal / Grand Hotel de l' Europe, Bad Gastein
Sun, 07.08.2022
16:00 o'clock

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Music in the Alps

Topics: Gastein TV | Concert

Information about the Event:

This year’s festival is dedicated to the strong, wistful yearning for reunion: “Together again/Wieder vereint” is the befitting motto of Music in the Alps 2022.


As the artistic director, New York concert pianist and music professor Dr. Irena Portenko invites audiences to attend the ninth edition of the “Music in the Alps” festival in Bad Gastein. Participating in the festival are musicians and artists such as international stars Tatyana Melnychenko, soloist of the New York Metropolitan Opera, and countertenor Jeffrey Palmer, as well as professors and students from around the world.
Fans of this festival series are greeted by passionate musical encounters – in a stylish setting, proverbially embraced by the mountains. The program includes a concert with Irena Portenko, at which it is actually the audience itself that determines the order in which the pieces are performed. Further concerts are entitled “Songs of Passion”, “Songs of Love” and “Songs of Paradise”, promising great emotionality: love stories, told through music.





7.8.2022, 8 pm: Opening Concert of the “Music in the Alps” International Festival
Irena Portenko, Klavier
Wiener Saal

9.8.2022, 8 pm: "Songs of passion" 
Tatyana Melnychenko, Tammy Hensrud & Korliss Uecker, soprano and Irena Portenko & Svetlana Gorokhovich, piano
Wiener Saal

10.8.2022, 4 pm: Young Artists Showcase
Wiener Saal (no ticket needed)

11.8.2022, 8 pm: "Songs of Love" by Beethoven, Brahms, Liszt, und Strauss
Travis Sherwood, baritone and Irena Portenko, piano
Wiener Saal

12.8.2022, 8 pm: "Swing, dance and sing with us"
Travis Sherwood & Taras Volos, double bass and Irena Portenko, piano
Merangarten (no ticket needed)

14.8.2022, 4 pm: Young Artists Showcase
Wiener Saal (no ticket needed)

16.8.2022, 11 pm: Young Artists Showcase
Wiener Saal (no ticket needed)

16.8.2022, 8 pm: "Elegance in stories: harpsichord and four hands"
Sofia Shapovalova und Natalia Sikorskaya, both harpsichord
Wiener Saal

17.8.2022, 8 pm: "Songs of Paradise"
Jeffrey Palmer, countertenor; Taras Volos, double bass und Irena Portenko, piano
Wiener Saal

18.8.2022, 8 pm: Closing Gala - "Together Again"
all artists together
Wiener Saal 



1 concert: € 15 p.P.
3 concerts: € 40 p.P.
6 concerts: € 80 p.P.


Tickets are available at the Tourist Office Bad Gastein

Kur- und Tourismusverband Bad Gastein
Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Straße 27
5640 Bad Gastein, AT