Husky Adventures in Sportgastein

A Unique Holiday Highlight

What is a musher? Are all huskies the same?

During a husky workshop in Sportgastein, you'll get the answers to those questions and many more. On the high plateau located at the Gastein valley head, you have a great opportunity to learn everything there is to know about sled dogs and their astonishing stamina.


For classic dog sledding, a dog team is prepared and harnessed up to the sled. Between 2 and 6 huskies pull the sleds along the trails. For those who prefer the romantic tranquility, after a short introduction with a husky in the footsteps of Jack London, you can snowshoe through the snow-covered winter landscape.


There are also exciting things for a group of children on a Husky adventure day. In addition to the care and care of the quiet animals, it is already the first small musher diploma to acquire. As soon as the snowpack in Sportgastein has stabilized, Manuela and Arnold will start their camp with their pack. Appointments and special offers are available by phone or whatsapp on +43 664 529 35 89.

Hundeschlittenfahrt in Sportgastein

International dog sled race

Every year, at the end of February, about 600 dogs with 120 starters from 11 nations are participating to the international sportive dog sled race. It will be completed in the classes Skijöring and Pulka (Class B, C, D, A and O). In addition to the track, there are numerous opportunities for visitors to cheer the participants.


Please contact the organizer at the mailing address to register for the competition.

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