The Trailrunning Challenge


The adidas TERREX INFINITE TRAILS are a unique trail running team challenge. Beginners and professionals alike run for victory on the mountains of the region. Together, each relay team will cover a total of 100 kilometers and 7,600 meters of altitude.

For individual starters there are challenges with an ultra distance of 60K, a long distance with 45K, a middle distance with 30K and the 15K taster distance.

6 - 8 September 2024

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Team Race

  • On Saturday three trail runners will start as a team relay in each of three different categories (women, men, mixed).
  • Each runner will complete one of three laps in front of the impressive Gastein Alpine scenery.
  • The laps differ in distance as well as in the course profile.
  • The following adidas TERREX INFINITE TRAILS Gastein distances are available: 21,4 km/1855 VM – 34,9 km/2726 VM – 44,2km/3146 VM.
  • The sum of the individual results gives the relay time.


In case of adverse weather conditions the race will be held on bad weather safe routes below 1800m.

Loop S - 21,4 K

Distance: 21,40 km
VM: 1855 Hm +/-
max. Hight: 2467m (Gamskarkogel)
Surface types: trail/gravel path
Highlights: Summit at Europe’s Highest Grass Mountain


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Loop M - 34,9 K

Distance: 34,9 km
VM: 2726 mmax. Hight: 2467 m (Gamskarkogel)
Surface types: gravel path/trail/asphalt
Highlights: Summit Gamskarkogel - Europe’s Highest Grass Mountain– 2467 m


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Loop L - 44,2 K

Distance: 44,20 km
VM: 3146 +/-
max. Hight: 2433 m (Tischkogel)
Surface types: gravel path/trail/asphalt
Highlights: ridge run from Tischkogel to Stubnerkogel


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Individual Trails

For all individual starters there is a spectacular challenge with an ultra distance of 60K over three Gastein peaks, the Gamskarkogel, the Graukogel and the Stubnerkogel.

There is also the beautiful long distance 45K with a breathtaking mountain panorama, a new middle distance 30K and the popular 15K taster distance, which is open to all who dare to climb the 900 meters in altitude.

60K Ultra Loop

Distance: 62,00 km
VM: 5200 m +/-

max. Hight: 2492 m (Graukogel)

Surface types: gravel path/trail/asphalt

Highlights: takes you over three Gastein mountain peaks - Gamskarkogel (2.467m), Graukogel (2.492m) and Stubnerkogel (2.246m)


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45K Individual

Distance: 44,20 km
VM: 3146 +/-
max. Hight: 2433m (Tischkogel)
Surface types: gravel path/trail/asphalt
Highlights: ridge run from Tischkogel to Stubnerkogel


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30K Individual

Distance: 30,6 km
VM: 1859 m +/-

max. Hight: 2330 m (Mauskarkopf)

Surface types: gravel path/trail/asphalt

Highlights: Gadauner Almplateau, Summit Mauskarkopf


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15K Run

Distance: 13,6 km
VM: 871 m +/-

max. Hight: 1642 m

Surface types: gravel path/trail/asphalt

Highlights: Schlossalmbahnrundweg


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For the benefit of the Gastein forests

Giving Back Tree Planting Campaign

Also in 2023, the adidas TERREX INFINITE TRAILS initiate a big Giving Back tree planting campaign to reforest damaged forest areas in the Gastein Valley.

With a symbolic monetary donation of five euros per tree, participants and spectators had purchased a total of 800 saplings in 2022. The first 100 Swiss stone pines were planted by the participants of the aIT Community Weekend on 9.6.23 near the Graukogel mid-station. Another 700 trees will now be planted in September in the Bürgerwald in Angertal.


A sporty short vacation in Gastein
Gastein also offers the best possibilities to spend a short vacation after the adidas TERREX INFINITE TRAILS competition in Gastein. After all, what could be nicer than diving into the warm waters of the thermal baths after a fulfilling trail run in the Gastein mountains? The muscles are gently loosened and relaxation comes as if by itself. Wellness for body and soul! In the evening, enjoy the varied Gastein culinary delights before falling happily into bed in your cozy accommodation. And look forward to a new sporty day, here in Gastein.